2 Things to Think About When Purchasing a Mattress for Your Facility

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We field calls from hundreds of clients a week, and, while every facility looks a little bit different, their questions sound very similar. We’ve boiled those questions down into the basic things you need to know when purchasing mattresses for your rescue mission, college, summer camp, or transitional housing facility.

#1. Audience

One of the most difficult things for buyers is that 85% of the time, they aren’t going to be the ones sleeping on the mattresses in their facility. This disconnect makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact needs of their clientele. So ask yourself:

  • Who is using my product? 
  • How often is it being used? 

Maybe you are a summer camp primarily geared toward elementary school children. Consider getting the most bang for your buck with a DLX -150. Long-term adult residential rehabilitation centers may want to consider going with a comfortable, longer lasting Innerspring mattress.  As the direct-to-consumer manufacturer, American Bedding can provide a tailor-made mattress that helps any audience sleep comfortably.

#2. Sizing

The most common misconception in the industry is the “Twin-size Mattress.”  When you walk into a residential mattress showroom, there is one single bed: a 38” x 74” traditional twin. 

However, in the world of volume sleep surfaces, what may look like a “Twin-size” can really be one of a dozen different custom-size sleep surfaces, designed to maximize space inside the facility. In an attempt to avoid some of this chaos, American Bedding differentials between the most common size single beds as follows:

Cot 30”x74” Most commonly used in children’s summer camps and treatment centers, as well as in some short-term rescue mission facilities
Dorm 36”x74” As the name implies, this mattress is most commonly used in dormitories and transitional housing units
Dorm XL 36”x80” This extra-long mattress is ideal for use in residential housing centers and college dormitories, comfortably sleeping a full-size adult
Twin 38”x74” The most standard size mattress, this is ideal for use in adult shelters, drug rehabilitation centers, and other applications where a residential-style single bed is required.
Twin XL 38”x80” As the largest standard size single bed on the market, the Twin XL is ideal for use in long-term adult rehabilitation centers, transitional housing, military bases, and more.


The great thing about working with a direct-to-consumer manufacturer is that often facilities don’t fit within any of these “traditional” size parameters. Call American Bedding today to discuss custom-size camp mattresses, premium camp mattresses, and innerspring mattresses. Our knowledgeable, qualified sales staff can begin walking you through the key decisions you must make the best choice for your facility.

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