3 Things To Look For In Shelter Furniture To Create A Sense Of Home


When it comes to furnishing a shelter, there are many things to consider from furniture design to durability. Most importantly though, you want to create a sense of a home for the people who come in and out of your facility. 


Keep reading for three things to look for in furniture to help make your shelter feel like home: 


1. Furniture Design 

Although it is important to be practical and versatile when it comes to your shelter’s furniture, the design is also an important consideration to create a welcoming environment. Cold, gray metal beds can give off a dreary impression to residents, detracting from the homey feeling you’re trying to create. 


Instead, shift your focus to outfitting your shelter with furniture that is practical, but also provides residents a sense of security when they enter. For example, our platinum single beds check all the boxes. they’re practical, versatile, and homey, featuring luxury woodgrain laminate accents.  Wooden furniture is also an option to evoke more of an at-home and personal feel, providing comfortability and sense of safety for residents. 


2. Storage Options

Although residents may not be staying for extended periods of time at your shelter, providing ample storage sends the message that your shelter or mission wants residents to feel at home and secure when staying with you. 


Storage units for your shelter can include wardrobes, desks, chests. and more. Any one or combination of these furniture items will provide extra storage space for individuals as well as a sense of protection and ownership over their personal belongings. In addition, all storage compartments at American Bedding come with lockable drawers to give residents a sense of security in an otherwise foreign place. 


3. Privacy


When on a budget, the safety and durability of your shelter’s furniture can seemingly become the most important consideration for any new purchase. However, in order to create a sense of home at your shelter or mission, thinking about the resident’s privacy is also important. 


Space permitting, configure some rooms with one bed instead of two, to create safe and private spaces for residents. If your shelter does not have the space to accommodate single bedrooms, consider our privacy partitions to create a sense of solitude while maximizing floor space. You might also consider other furniture options like our single metal beds or platinum drawers and desks to create opportunities for privacy.  


Help your residents feel safe, secure, and at home with furniture options that create a sense of privacy and independence.


Shop furniture for your shelter or mission today. View our 2021 product catalog.

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