4 Metal Furniture Ideas to Optimize Space at Your Rehab Facility

Metal Furniture for Rehab FacilitiesMost rehab and behavioral health facilities must make efficient use of pretty limited space. Sometimes the best way to do that is to bring in furniture that doesn't just take up space, but furniture that provides additional storage.

American Bedding Manufacturers certainly offers top-notch nylon mattresses, vinyl-covered mattresses, hospitality pillows and replacement mattress covers, but we also realize that your rehab facility requires more than mattresses and bedding. You need durable metal furniture that helps to keep your facility organized and provides guests with space and privacy to put their belongings. 

Let's take a look at four pieces of furniture that we'd recommend for rehab, residential or behavioral health facilities.

Platinum Series Metal Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are one of the most obvious ways to use space efficiently. Just be sure that if you use them, you're also using the right accessories for safety, such as guard rails and ladders.

In addition to saving space with a metal bunk bed, you're also saving money. Since one bunk bed sleeps twice as many people as an individual bed, but it doesn't cost twice as much, you're coming out on top as far as finances go.

Platinum 4-Drawer Chest

When choosing furniture for your rehab facility, take into account your policies for how much personal property guests can bring with them. Then be sure you're providing the appropriate amount of space to store their belongings.

Most importantly, always keep the specific needs of your guests at the forefront of your mind as you make furniture selections. For example, individuals detoxing from drugs are generally cold. They'll probably have some sweaters and sweatshirts with them regardless of the season. Obviously, warmer clothing takes up significantly more space than a t-shirt does. Providing a metal chest with four drawers instead of two is a great way to ensure their clothes don't end up on the floor or elsewhere.

Additionally, having four drawers allows for easy sharing in a roommate setup. You can conveniently position the chest between two beds so both guests have equal access to and ownership of the chest.

Platinum Nightstand

For most, coming into a rehab facility is a major step in a journey, and many rehab facilities even encourage guests to bring a notebook or journal to record that journey. Guests need to have a place to store personal items like these, and the Platinum Nightstand provides that option for privacy, plus plenty of space for storing much more than a journal. 

Platinum Wardrobe

Shoes, coats, hats and jackets are just a few of the things that don't fit well in drawers. That's when a Platinum Wardrobe is beneficial.

If your rehab facility provides customized treatment plans for each guest, your furniture options can reflect that as well. For example, do you provide some guests with their own bedrooms and others with a roommate setup? This influences whether you opted for a Double Wardrobe or a Single Wardrobe

Are you questioning whether you need a wardrobe at all? You're correct in thinking that a rehab facility doesn't put its focus on offering the biggest and best amenities as if it's a resort. However, it is important to keep in mind that most people are doing their research and choosing their rehab facility based on the environment. Sleeping areas -- including beds and personal storage space -- are likely to be a top consideration when choosing a rehab facility.

Need more options?

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