4 Things You Didn't Know About Military Metal Bunks

Military bedsThe military has a lot of confidential information, but their heavy duty metal bunk beds don't have to be one of those confidential items. There are good reasons the military has chosen the metal bunks they're using on base. Let's discuss four specific reasons you may not have known.

1. Drop testing

Any piece of equipment sold to the military must pass a series of tests to ensure that the product is built to withstand the rugged elements of military settings. GSA requires that our military metal bunks pass a drop (or shock) test. This test is conducted differently for different types of equipment. For example, for a Panasonic Toughbook, the drop happens 26 times from a height of 4 feet.

For our military metal bunk beds (the Model 4000 and Model 5000) the drop test is equally rigorous. Similar to the Panasonic Toughbook drop test, our bunks are dropped at different angles to test all points of the bed -- the bed end, the bed deck, the deck frame and the vertical end support. Once the bunk passes this test, the bed's specs meet the standards of government contractors that supply products to the military.

2. Sleep surface options

Until now, all of our bunk beds have featured the heavy duty steel spring base. Soon American Bedding will be launching our Flat Panel Bunk, which offers a solid metal base instead. Whether you appreciate the give of bed springs or the firmness of a steel bed panel, you can have both options at American Bedding.

3. Weight ratings

Our military metal bunk beds are built to handle significantly heavier weights than typical retail bunk beds. Here's the breakdown:

4. The rails

The angle iron rails paired with the powder coat finish on our metal bunk beds makes them about as durable as they can be. Angle iron rails are stronger than tubular rails by design, and our powder coat finish doesn't chip like regulare paint does.

These four facts are just a few of the reasons the military purchases their heavy duty metal bunk beds from us. Many of our non-govement customers puchase them for the same reasons! If you're looking for another reason to choose military bunks from American Bedding, we have plenty more! Click on the banner below to contact us today!

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