5 Fibs to Help You Spot a Dishonest Mattress Salesman

Dishonest salesmanSome salesmen care about what they're selling; others just care about the sale.

It's the latter that you need to worry about when you're buying mattresses and bedding for your camp, college, or rescue mission. Some people will tell you anything if it convinces you to buy.

We know for a fact that there are a lot of salesman telling customers what they want to hear instead of sticking to the facts about their products.

So how do you avoid falling for a suave salesman's bogus pitch? You can always watch for visual cues like shifty eyes, but the best way to identify a trickster is to know the lies before they're fed to you.

That's where we come in. Here are some of the fibs we've heard less-than-honest mattress salesmen say:

Fib #1: Don't get a demountable bed.

A dishonest salesman may try to convince you that demountable beds are unsafe. That's false. Our demountable bunk beds are carefully designed, constructed, and tested for durability. We'd put our own kids in them without a batting an eye.

If your salesman tells you there's no point in getting a bed that demounts, that's also not accurate. Single bed setups are becoming very popular at rescue missions and homeless shelters because they provide more options.

Fib #2: You can assume all mattresses meet federal flammability standards.

Yes, all mattresses should meet federal flammability standards, but that doesn't mean they do. You need to see the label that proves it. By law, all mattress manufacturers are required to print on their mattress labels that their product has passed the 16 CFR 1633 test. If the label doesn't state that, then don't risk it. Better move on to other mattresses from other companies that use a fire barrier.

Fib #3: We'll put a bed bug proof solution on it when you buy.

At American Bedding, we advertise our mattresses as bed bug proof because we design them that way. There's no chemical you can spray on a mattress to repel bed bugs. If you hear this fib, head our way, where we'll sell you a mattress with inverted seams — that's what makes it bed bug proof.

Fib #4: All furniture is bed bug resistant.

Wood furniture is not bed bug resistant because wood has inherent characteristics that keep it from being bed bug proof. The naturally occurring seams, knots, and uneven places in wood furniture allows bed bugs a place to hide.We know wood is beautiful, but we generally recommend our Platinum Furniture Collection to camps, missions and shelters for its inherent bed bug resistant materials and design. Ask your American Bedding representative for exclusive details on the design changes we have made in recent years to eliminate even more spaces for bed bug infestation.

Fib #5: A heavy mattress is a high-density foam mattress.

Density is not the same as weight. Just because a mattress is heavy doesn't necessarily mean it's constructed of quality, high-density foam. So, don't be convinced to pay more for a heavy mattress that someone told you was dense.

On the other hand, if you want high-density foam mattresses and the salesman tries to tell you they're unnecessarily heavy, do not be so easily swayed by this half truth. While denser foam mattresses can sometimes be heavier, they're not always. And their best characteristics are their longevity and support.

If you want to avoid the fibs altogether, come to American Bedding. We've been experts in the industry for two decades, and we're nothing but honest with our customers. Give us a call at (800) 203-2507, or contact us online. To see more of our products, download a catalog by clicking on the link below.

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