5 Points to Communicate Before a Furniture Installation

Furniture Installation CompanyCommunication is key.

It's a cliche that slips off the tongue so easily we hardly think about it, but communication really is important — especially when it comes to having furniture installed at your facility.

You will only experience the benefits of having an installation service if you proactively communicate the right things to them. Let's look at 5 things you should communicate to an installation team before they get to work.

Don't leave out these 5 pieces of information:

  1. Layout of the facility. Have you ever noticed that you handle situations better when you know what type of setting you're walking into. The same is true for installation companies. They'll knock out an installation much more efficiently if they can anticipate the layout of your facility. How many rooms are in the building? How many buildings are involved? How many floors are there? Is there elevator access for buildings with multiple floors? These are the kinds of questions that need answers so that your installation crew can put together a strategic plan.
  2. Access for trucks and unloading. Let the installation crew know whether or not you have a loading dock with fork lift access, and tell them if they can they can pull the truck right up to the buildings in question or if the products have to be moved a significant distance by hand truck. Also, tell them about your facility's location. Is it on a city street, or is it in a remote location that will require remote access fees from the freight line? 
  3. EXACT expectations. There's a fine line between being picky and being precise. You shouldn't be picky, but precision is extremely helpful when you're communicating your expectations to the installation team. They need to know if they're simply assembling the furniture or if they're staging the room. Do you want the sheets on the beds? Should they unpack and distribute pillows? Never just assume that the installers will know what you want, and don't hold back instructions for fear of appearing picky. Tell your salesman or your installer contact precisely what you expect, and we can pretty much guarantee they'll really appreciate it.
  4. Trash removal. Furniture installs result in a lot of trash -- mattress bags, furniture boxes, cardboard packing, Styrofoam, and more. It's important that your installation crew knows how to dispose of such garbage. Let the installers know if they have access to onsite dumpsters. If not, make sure your facility has dumpster access for additional dumpsters to be dropped. If you'd like the installers to recycle the old mattresses, first make sure mattress recycling is offered in your area. There's also a possibility that it's required. Either way, make sure the installation crew knows what to do with the trash. 
  5. Contact person. Even if you do your best to communicate thoroughly, there's always the chance of a communication breakdown. That's why it's important to tell the installers who the POC (person of contact) is. In some situations, it's the purchaser; other times it's the maintenance manager. Don't assume the installers know who to contact with their questions. When selecting a main point person, make sure that person has the power to sign the installation as complete and correct.

Add it early

To help things run as smoothly as possible, have the installation service added to your quote early in the process. That way, you can avoid the confusion of altering the quote later. 

We hope these tips will help you have many great installation experiences going forward! Click on the banner below to contact us about installation company recommendations.

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