3 Types of Behavioral Health Furniture

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When it comes to addressing mental health, it's important to create spaces that are not only safe, but are also fully functional. Specialized behavioral health furniture can play a huge role in both short-term and long-term care goals. But what makes this type of furniture different than other offerings? We'll discuss this and the three different types to look out for below. 


What Makes Behavioral Health Furniture Unique?

If you're unsure what makes behavioral health furniture different than other furniture on the market, it comes down to a variety of factors. In order for behavioral health furniture to function as it should, it needs to have the unique aspects below.

Make and materials

The make and materials used in behavioral health furniture aren't run-of-the-mill. These products are made to withstand additional wear-and-tear that may not be expected in other settings.

Fabrics are often waterproof, tear-proof, and snag-proof. Seams are often hidden and zippers are either inaccessible or not outfitted with pulls.

Though light- or heavier-weight metal elements are often used, wood is also a common material. All wood used is often sturdy and finished to limit chips, splintering, and tampering.


The durability of behavioral health furniture ties into just about every aspect we'll cover about why it's unique. Like other institutional furniture, durability is crucial. It's important to do what you can to extend the life of your products so they can best serve those in your care for seasons — even years — to come.


Behavioral health furniture often includes the option to have a fully customizable design, yet this will depend on the manufacturer. Many types of this furniture have optional mounts to secure it to the floor, accompanying furniture, or nearby walls. It's also common for this furniture to have additional weight added to it to prevent it from moving around as much.

Additional considerations

In addition to products having the above specifications, behavioral health furniture often has other unique aspects. This may feature fully welded elements as well as cushions that have an innerspring design. The design of various items will likely be more streamlined — leaving off knobs, drawer pulls or handles, and anything that can stick out. 

Types of Behavioral Health Furniture

1. Dressers and Storage Options

Dressers and storage options in behavioral health furniture will likely be made of smooth, well-finished wood. Drawers and cabinets will likely have a streamlined design and will not be removable for added safety. They will also likely close in such a way as to not pinch any fingers or slam noisily. Larger dressers and storage options will also likely have some sort of added safety element such as wall-mounting or a bottom-heavy design to prevent movement or tipping. 

2. Bed Frames

Bed frames in behavioral health furniture are likely very simple and will include a lot of design elements we've already discussed. They may include an additional drawer underneath for storage but will likely not have a header or footer to reduce bulk. They may also come in the form of a bunk bed to accommodate multiple residents in a single room. The great thing about some metal bunk bed styles, such as the Model 4500 from American Bedding, is their demountable design. This allows rooms to be easily reconfigured again and again.

3. Mattresses & Bedding

Like most similar facilities, behavioral health facilities have a need for mattresses and bedding that is durable and safe to use long-term. These mattresses, like those offered by American Bedding, will likely feature a durable yet comfortable foam core or innerspring, hidden seams, and a waterproof, bed bug proof, antibacterial outer covering. 

Want to Learn More About Institutional Furniture?

We hope you learned a bit about what to expect when browsing for behavioral health furniture. Though this covers a lot of bases and there will be some similarities, you may have additional questions for other types of facilities. Feel free to request a catalog or contact us to chat with one of our experts!

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