6 Advantages of a Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk

500-Platinum-Twin-over-full-main-photo-2For facilities that host families, the Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk from the Platinum Collection is a great solution. What types of operations would this apply to? Our Twin/Full Bunks are popular with directors of rescue missions and homeless shelters. These places frequently welcome both children and their parents through their doors.

Let's discover exactly what it is about the Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk that makes it so advantageous to missions and shelters, and why someone would choose this bedding option over a traditional single-bed bunk.

1. Family Friendly

The Twin-Over-Full Bunk can easily sleep three people, making it ideal for small families that want to share bedding close together instead of being separated.

2. Recycled and Recyclable

Directors of homeless shelters and rescue missions are often committed to minimizing waste and repurposing used materials. That's another reason that our Twin-Over-Full Bunk Beds are a popular choice among missions and shelters. Non-profit directors can feel good about investing in a product that's not only 100% recyclable, but also made from 35% recycled materials.

3. Adjustable

Like many of our metal bunk beds, the Twin-Over-Full Bunk is easily adjustable. Its spring base can convert from a 75-inch length to an 80-inch length. Having the option for added length ensures comfortable sleeping arrangements for taller moms and dads who may otherwise end up with their feet hanging off the bed.

4. Durable

In addition to their sizing versatility, our Twin/Full Metal Bunks are incredibly durable. They have a 400-pound weight capacity per sleep surface, and they're multi-welded for added strength and long-lasting support.

5. Safe

As a mattress manufacturer, we're well aware that bunk bed-related injuries occur far too often, and that is precisely why we take bunk bed safety very seriously. Our Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunks have double hook locks for stability and offer no exposed raw metal edges. These two features are designed to protect your guests from injury. 

Like all of our metal bunk beds, the Twin-Over-Full Bunks are built with a place to install guard rails, a safety feature that we simply cannot emphasize enough.

6. All Your Needs in One Place

One of the best things about our Twin-Over-Full Bunks (and all of our other metal bunks) is that you can get your mattresses from the same vendor as you get your bunk beds. Click on the banner at the bottom of this post to request a quote for a Twin-Over-Full Bunk and the mattresses that fit it. Or, check out our complete guide to mattresses and institutional furniture

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