A Very Merry Cabin: Find the Perfect Setup for Your Camp Beds

Cabin with Camp BunksThe way a room is arranged is equally as important as what's in it. Imagine, for example, a cozy cabin with a beautiful collection of wooden bunk beds. These camp bunks have been carefully crafted and coated with honey pine finish. However, so many of these beds have been packed into the cabin that there's hardly space to move. Suddenly this once cozy cabin feels claustrophobic, and you're desperate to get out.

Okay, back to reality. We hope your campers never feel claustrophobic in your cabins, but if you're packing too many camp mattresses and beds into a quaint little cabin, not only are you creating a fire hazard, but you're also establishing a setting that's anything but comfortable.

This winter (and summer, too!) we want your cabins to be merry. However, that only happens if you're using the three S's: sense, strategy and yes, style! Let us help.

Sensible arrangements for camp beds

Before camp registration time even starts, we suggest taking a quick inventory to determine how many campers your cabins can accommodate. Don't just count your beds; make sure the beds you have fit into the space they've been given. If you have ten bunk beds in a cabin that should only hold eight, do what's best for your campers --and your staff for that matter! Disassemble a couple bunks and get them out of there. 

While we know more camp beds typically means more money for your camp, you don't want your camp to gain a reputation of having uncomfortably crowded cabins. If that happens, parents may hesitate to send their kids to your camp, which results in something much worse for you -- overcrowded cabins with empty beds!

When using good, common sense, be sure to consider fire safety and regulations. Make sure you're well acquainted with your city's fire code when it comes to the number of occupants allowed in your cabins. Fire code holds the trump card regardless of how many camp mattresses and bunks you may have at your disposal.

Strategic ideas for camp bunks

Now it's time to consider how to use your space well. This may take some strategizing as you attempt to fit the optimum number of beds and also provide campers with the maximum amount of space to store their belongings. Comfort and efficiency are your main priorities.

It's easier to achieve these priorities when you have options, and the metal bunk beds from American Bedding provide just that. Not only are our metal camp bunks demountable, but they have adjustable sleep surfaces, too! For a larger surface, expand the bunk to 80 inches. Need something smaller? Decrease it to 76 inches. Yes, using your space efficiently is as easy as that.

Stylish suggestions for camp cabins

Lastly, a camp cabin needs a little style before it will feel merry. The great thing about style is that it's definitely subjective and it's pretty much boundless. You make the rules. Some camps include a fleece blanket and pillow on each bed. This little touch does a lot to make the cabin feel cozier for the first few campers who arrive before the rest of the campers fill it with sleeping bags, backpacks, shoes and jackets.

Plus, it's difficult to anticipate just how cold a camp cabin might get at night. Providing a backup blanket is the perfect plan, just in case.

Another stylish option from American Bedding is our Hampton Collection. Made with solid wood, these honey-colored bunk beds, chests and nightstands offer an aesthetic that's true to the cozy, rustic setting most of us associate with camp. 

Time to shop

Okay, we lied. We have one more S for you: Shop! If we just inspired you make your camp cabins merry, then it's time to start shopping. Click on the banner below to shop camp mattresses, or contact us with your questions. We love hearing from our customers and helping them find just what they need to provide a memorable and merry camp experience.

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