Beds for Homeless Shelters: What to Look For

Beds for Homeless Shelters- What to Look For

Updating or starting a facility, especially in this day and age, requires careful planning and smart shopping. Proper bedding for homeless shelters, rehab centers, camps, and related entities all have similar attributes. Luckily, American Bedding only offers the most versatile, durable options for all of these facilities. In this post, let’s discuss specifically how you should equip your homeless shelter.

You want versatility

Optimizing industrial bedding in different settings coincides with versatility. In fact, metal bunk bed styles, such as the Model 4500 from American Bedding and their demountable design are a great example of furniture designed for institutional use.

The demountable design allows rooms to be easily reconfigured again and again. Here are some ideas that you can apply to your homeless shelter to optimize space and help ensure your residents are as safe and comfortable as possible.

Furthermore, single metal beds offered by American Bedding are simply bunk beds that have been demounted. The demountable bunk bed design allows facilities to have endless combinations of single and bunk bed arrangements within one facility. Therefore, your shelter can easily rearrange rooms to accommodate your ever-shifting demographic of clients.

We know that everything and everyone at your facility works hard to provide maximum service to the maximum number of people. To prolong the life of your beds and mattresses, you’ll also need to know how to care for your mattresses and furniture properly.

You want durability

When you shop shelter mattresses from American Bedding, you're getting not only our commitment to provide you with what your facility needs, but the commitment of our products as well. Our mattresses offer industry-leading durability and affordability.

In fact, our mattresses resist break down and body imprints, keeping your residents happy and comfortable as long as they’re with you. If sanitation is a concern, our fabrics are antibacterial and antimicrobial, able to withstand frequent sanitation, and wipe clean easily. Be sure to refer to our handy guide for keeping your mattresses clean.

Furthermore, our mattresses are waterproof and fluid-proof. Waterproof capabilities allow your mattresses to be safe from body fluids, mildew, mold, spills, cleaning supplies, or damp storage areas. Both our PolySof OX-P and our AntiBAC Vinyl are waterproof, wipeable, and stain-resistant.

Help people and the environment

Finally, there may come a day when you'll have to part with your mattresses. And, if those mattresses are from American Bedding, you can rest assured that they are 100% recyclable. How does this work? Recyclable mattresses are disassembled.

Next, springs, coils, fibers, and foams can either be repurposed to make a new product or are burned as a fuel source. Recycling is far more cost-effective for both you and landfills. And, of course, it’s great for the earth (and protecting her gets more crucial by the day).

What else you need to equip your homeless shelter

So, that covers everything about beds and mattresses, but what about other elements of industrial furniture? Does your shelter look a bit sparse? If you’re looking for accessories for your shelter, you can consider Under Bed Chests, for example. You can also consider our best-selling 4-Drawer Chests. If you want to be prepared to accommodate more residents in a pinch, you can check out these Heavy-Duty Folding Cots that are as easy to store and carry as they are to set up.

If you have additional questions about beds for homeless shelters, do not hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to go through our catalog with you or even dream up a custom solution!

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