The Best Furniture for a Rehab Facility

The Best Furniture for a Rehab Facility

When it comes to ensuring your residents have a comfortable, successful stay at your facility, there are plenty of things to keep in mind. But have you considered what makes some options the best furniture for a rehab facility? There are certain aspects to look out for including the type of furniture, the functionality of the furniture, as well its durability.

Types of Furniture to Consider

There are actually three key types of behavioral health furniture. Ensuring that your residents are accommodated comes down to equipping their rooms and common areas accordingly. These furniture pieces will have some unique features that allow additional safety that we’ll discuss more in the next section.

  • Dressers and storage options: It’s important to provide a safe place for your residents’ personal effects, especially if they’re staying for a prolonged period.
  • Bed frames: Bed frames are obviously important, but when it comes to the best type for your facility, this will likely come down to room arrangements and how many residents you need to accommodate.
  • Mattresses and bedding: Of course, mattresses in rehab facilities need to be durable and comfortable. Mattresses offered by American Bedding blend both of these aspects seamlessly with offerings that can withstand frequent sanitation, are waterproof, bed bug proof, and have an antibacterial outer covering.

Blending Comfort and Function

Furniture for rehab and related facilities needs to have basic features, but it also should help you in additional ways as you care for residents. A feeling of safety, comfort, and function should be felt in every area of your facility. Let’s discuss more of the specifics of what this means.

How to make residents more comfortable

You should do your best to make your residents feel as though they’re in an ordinary bedroom or lounge area. Not only does the best furniture for rehab facilities serve this purpose, but it should have unique design features that boost its safety. This means that drawers and doors won’t pinch fingers or slam noisily. The same goes for chairs and tables. It’s common for screws or fasteners to be covered and upholstery to be ultra-durable. Drawers that cannot be removed in dressers and storage options are another common feature. It’s also common that larger pieces will be bottom-heavy or wall-mountable to limit tipping.

How to make their space more functional

The added functionality of this furniture, so to speak, has a lot to do with its ability to optimize space at your rehab facility. Metal bunk bed styles, such as the Model 4500 from American Bedding and their demountable design is a great example of this. The demountable design allows rooms to be easily reconfigured again and again. You should also opt for added function and safety from dressers and related options. The best options have smooth, streamlined designs but maximized storage capabilities.

Finding Durable, Affordable Options

From American Bedding, you’ll find mattresses and bedding that is durable and safe to use long-term. Our mattresses feature a durable yet comfortable foam core or innerspring and hidden seams, in addition to other waterproof, bed bug proof, antibacterial features mentioned above. When it comes to other furniture options, choosing styles that have streamlined designs and other specs — like special coating — allow them to withstand frequent sanitation. Not to mention, cleaning pieces with a streamlined design will be a breeze.


Caring for your mattresses and institutional furniture properly will also prolong its life. If you have additional questions about the best furniture for your rehab facility or other facilities, contact us or click below for a quote.

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