Choosing Between Vinyl and Nylon Mattresses

Choosing Between Vinyl and Nylon Mattresses

Whoever said "It's what's on the inside that really matters" clearly was not talking about mattresses.

When it comes to mattresses, of course the inside matters — but the outside does, too! Different mattresses have various materials that serve unique purposes.

For example, vinyl and nylon both make for great mattress covers, but they also have unique features that make them great in different ways and for different situations. Let's take a closer look at what to consider when choosing between vinyl and nylon mattresses.

What's the big deal about Anti-BAC Vinyl?

Antibacterial is a word people throw around a lot. But what does it even mean? When it comes to our mattresses, antibacterial tells our customers that these products contain a chemical called Ultra-Fresh, which is registered with the EPA. Ultra-Fresh kills or disables bacteria. The end result: You don't have bacteria growing on your mattress.

Even though they're antibacterial, vinyl mattresses still need cleaning, though. But that's no big deal with American Bedding mattress covers because they're wipeable. And, since vinyl is naturally waterproof on its more effective at keeping moisture out of the mattress core. 

A vinyl mattress is especially valuable for camps, other industries catering to children, and facilities with quick turnover because: 

  • The natural moisture-resistance is perfect for bodily fluids — from sweat to bedwetting to sickness and everything in between!
  • The antibacterial nature is more valuable to camps because we all know that quick turnover equals more bacteria.
  • Children aren’t very picky about comfort — and, generally speaking, neither are short-term residents!
  • It’s a more economical option, especially for camp directors!

What's so special about SOFlux-OX Nylon?

When you are choosing between vinyl and nylon mattresses, it’s important to keep in mind that they are actually very similar in many ways (which we will talk about below). However, there is one area in which nylon clearly excels — comfort. 

If you're running a facility where people are sleeping on your mattresses for more than a few days at a time, you may want to invest in SOFlux-OX Nylon. Because it's a woven fabric, nylon doesn't have a plastic feel, and it breathes well. It's generally preferred for conference facilities, rescue missions, colleges, and military housing.

Basically, if adults are sleeping on your mattresses, you probably want to have nylon. Its breathability allows your guests to sleep cooler, so you don't have to worry that they'll wake up in the middle of the night dripping with sweat as they throw off their blankets in exasperation. For adults, comfort is a major factor in bedding.

How are they alike?

Vinyl and nylon are not complete opposites. Here are a few features they have in common...

  • Antibacterial — While antibacterial is not in the name of our nylon mattress like it is vinyl, both fabrics have this valuable feature that keeps your beds from growing bacteria.
  • Waterproof — Being waterproof makes these mattresses easy to clean. The easiest way to clean your vinyl or nylon mattress is to spray it with a non-bleach solution and wipe it down.
  • Complete Protection — Our mattresses are also fluid proof, which means our fabrics protect the inside of the mattress from any fluids that come into contact with it, no matter what those fluids may be.
  • Stain Resistant — As long as accidents happen, stains will happen. And there's nothing worse than a mattress that's technically clean, yet irreversibly stained. That's why American Bedding makes both our vinyl and nylon mattresses stain resistant.

Bed Bug Proof — While this feature is optional on our vinyl and nylon mattresses, it's highly recommended. We certainly hope bed bugs never happen to you, but frankly, we've seen too much to tell you in good conscience not to worry about them. By choosing mattresses with the inverted seam design, you can reduce the risk of a future infestation.

Vinyl vs. Nylon Mattresses - What makes them different? Vinyl: Naturally Waterproof, More Economical, Perfect for Camps. Nylon: Requires coating to become waterproof, breathes better for added comfort, & is perfect for colleges, rehab centers, & housing facilities. Both vinyl and nylon are: antibacterial, waterproof, easy to clean, fluid proof, stain resistant, & bed bug proof.

So, which one do you want?

If you want more help choosing between vinyl and nylon mattresses — or with anything mattress related — let us know! Our sales team is the most knowledgeable, efficient group around, and they’re always ready and willing to help you invest in your facility and your residents. Contact us online, or give us a call at (800) 203-2507 — or simply request a quote below!

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Editor's Note: This blog was originally published on 8/16/17 & has been updated to include new information.

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