Choosing the Best in Metal Bunk Beds

Metal bunk bedsIf space is limited, just get bunk beds. Easy as that, right?

If only...

In case you haven't noticed, bunk beds are not a one-size-fits-all type of bed. The great invention of stacking one bed on top of another to conserve space may have started simply, but now, you're faced with an overwhelming range of options -- from the style of your bunk to the vendor you choose to do business with.

If you've already decided that you're in the market for a metal bunk instead of wood, that's one major step you can consider complete. Now it's time to move on to the nitty-gritty design details and vendor options.

Shopping with 5 features in mind

Before you log into your Amazon account or head to the closest retail store, take a minute to consider the factors that make the metal camp-style bunk beds at American Bedding unique.

1. The strength of the steel

Our metal bunk beds are made from steel, one of the strongest metals out there. (Steel is right up there with titanium, tungsten and inconel when it comes to durability!) Steel-frame bunk beds are a wise investment for camp directors because kids are likely to give their bunks more of a beating than adults might.

2. Adjustable spring base

With an adjustable spring base, you can make one bed work for a variety of guests by adjusting the base to be shorter for children and longer for adults. If you're running a camp, this flexibility is especially ideal. While your junior campers are comfortable in shorter beds, your counselors and high school campers need larger beds.

3. Angle iron rails

While most retail-style bunks are made with round tube steel, our camp-style bunk beds have angle iron rails. What's the difference? Round tube steel rails typically have a high level of aluminum content, making them weaker than steel and more likely to buckle. This is because the general makeup of round tube rails creates stress points, particularly around welds.

American Bedding has made angle iron rails the basis for our bunk bed frames and guard rails. The angle iron rail structure is formed into an L-shape for the entire length of the rail. The resulting flat surfaces (as opposed to a rounded surface), provide superior durability and strength.

4. Heavy duty bolts and feet

Many times, people think of metal bunk beds as being less stable than wooden bunk beds and thus opt for the wood option. However, the heavy duty bolts and feet on our metal bunk beds make them competitively durable.

5. Powder coat finish

Instead of paint, American Bedding uses a powder coat finish on our metal bunk beds. This powder coat lasts longer and chips less. It also holds up better to scratches and vandalism than paint does.

Playing it safe

Safety features like guard rails are ALWAYS a good idea. If you're running a camp, then you're liable for each campers' safety. Guard rails provide the proper precautions to ensure no accidents happen on your watch. 

Before you buy bunk beds for your camp or transitional housing facility, check for safety features. If they're not already included with the bunk bed, make sure the bed has the capabilities to add the features you need. Never sacrifice safety for budget.

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