Do I Need Bunk Bed Partitions?

Platinum Bunk Bed PartitionBunk Bed Partitions, one of the latest products from American Bedding, are quickly becoming a product we don't know how we ever lived without.

As directors at homeless shelters, rescue missions and rehab facilities begin to recognize the many advantages of bunk bed partitions, they're treating them as less of an accessory and as more of a necessity.

If you're wondering how your facility might benefit from bunk bed partitions, we're sharing some practical ways right here on today's blog.


Just as the Solid Panel Bunk provides a barrier between the bottom and top bunk mates, our Metal Bunk Bed Partitions offer a privacy barrier between two top bunk mates or two bottom bunk mates when two sets of bunk beds are positioned next to each other.


When space is limited and yet your shelter's waiting list continues to grow, you may need to get creative with housing arrangements. Of course, you don't want to sacrifice your guests' comfort and peace of mind in order to make space for more guests. That's why Bunk Bed Partitions offer a welcome solution.

Our metal partitions provide enough of a barrier so that you can arrange bunk beds side by side without violating your guests' privacy. In order to maximize space, these partitions are much thinner than a wall would be, but they're designed with a screen-like appearance so that guests still feel like they have an open, breathable space.


Partitions don't just make it possible to fit more beds in one a room; they also give you more options for arranging the metal bunk beds you already have. Instead of spacing the bunks evenly apart, you can arrange them in separate clusters throughout the room. Setting up the beds in groups of two or four could make the space feel larger and make it much easier to maneuver.

Fitting Design

We don't doubt that you could come up with some sort of DIY partition on your own, but if you're already using the Model 4500 Bunks or the Platinum Bunks at your facility, our partitions will fit them perfectly. All of the pieces for assembly are included with the partitions to ensure a smooth installation, and they bolt securely to the bed so your finished project will be a bunk that's safe and protected.

Our partitions are available in two sizes and the dimensions are as follows:

Regular Partition

  • 78″ L x 33″ H x 2.5″ W
  • 51 pounds

Extra Long Partition

  • 84″ L x 33″ H x 2.5″ W
  • 54 pounds

We aim to please!

If you know anything about American Bedding Manufacturers, you know that our products are designed with you in mind. If you like what you've learned about our Bunk Bed Partitions, take a few minutes to check out more of our newly released products:

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