Features to Look for in Folding Cots

Adjustable Folding CotWhile folding cots may not be known for their plush comfort, they certainly have their strengths. Cots are much easier to transport, set up, tear down, and store than are metal bunk beds and mattresses.

Of course, when shopping for a product that's portable and lightweight, you must be careful not to end up with something flimsy. But durability isn't the only thing you should be looking for in a foldable cot. Let's talk about what we believe are some of the most valuable cot features worth shopping around for.

Adjustable fabric tension

Cots are a popular item for a variety of organizations -- emergency shelters, disaster relief centers, overflow housing, church camps and scout camps. That's why it's so important to us that our folding cots are adjustable and adaptable to a variety of environments and people.

One feature that provides adaptability in our cots is the adjustable fabric tension. That means that as the canvas stretches with use, the cot fabric can be adjusted tighter to keep it taut and comfortable.

Here are a few more characteristics that allow our cots to function well in just about any setting:

  • Packs into compact carry bag
  • X-frame design
  • Folds flat for easy storage

High weight rating

Imagine someone lying down on one of your facility's folding cots only to crash to the floor when the cot collapses beneath their body weight. To avoid this nightmarish situation, carefully consider your guests' physical demographics before deciding on an acceptable weight rating.

While you may be able to get away with a lower weight rating, the reality is you're limited by the weight restrictions of your foldable cots. Potentially just as horrifying as watching someone break a cot would be telling that person they can't use your cot because they do not not fall within the weight requirements. Avoid that scenario later by purchasing a cot with a higher weight rating now.

With a weight rating of 350 pounds and steel reinforced legs, American Bedding's 350 Folding Cot is one of the most durable folding cot beds on the market.

Large sleep surface

In addition to having the strength to hold larger sleepers, our 350 Folding Cot also has the space to accommodate the huskier type. Measuring 36” wide x 84" long x 20” high, this cot is much larger than average retail cots. This larger size is especially appreciated by brawny, burly soldiers at military housing facilities.

Easy open step-down lock

Step-down lock on folding cotPerhaps one of the most unique features of American Bedding's cot is that it has an easy open step-down lock (named for the method of using the foot to lock the bed frame into place). This step-down lock is extremely secure and ensures that the bed does not collapse once it is set up.

Nothing but the best

If you're looking for cots from American Bedding, we can promise your search won't be overwhelming. Why? Because we currently offer only one cot: the 350 Folding Cot. This canvas cot is the only cot on the market right now that meets our standards of excellence. We're not about just providing options for the sake of options. Instead, we want to provide our customers with the right options.

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