Fundraisers to Try: What Works and What Doesn’t


Running a non-profit requires funding. Sometimes grant money adequately covers your costs, but sometimes when you need to make a major purchase like buying new metal beds and vinyl or nylon mattresses, you need to take a more proactive approach to funding by holding a fundraiser.

But before you dive into a fundraising endeavor, let us share with you some of our best ideas. Discover what works and what doesn't, what you should try and what you should stay away from. Learn more about what we recommend and why. 

Host an auction

Auctions are a fundraiser's dream because they're designed to get people excited about spending money--more and more of it. While some people may walk away with a steal of a deal, most end up putting out a lot more money just to keep up with the competition than they otherwise would in a typical situation.

If you prefer something a little more "civilized," consider holding a silent auction. These work well at events where something else serves as the main event such as a dinner or a keynote speaker.

You could also hold an auction in the form of a garage sale. Instead of putting price tags on your garage sale items, just tell people to make their best offer because all proceeds are going toward your non-profit for new metal bunks, furniture, or whatever other purchase you're planning to make. Most people will pay more if that's the case.

Partner with a business

There are many ways to partner with businesses. Some companies like Krispy Kreme have specific fundraising opportunities that they advertise. The Krispy Kreme donut drive is a popular one--probably because it's hard to turn down a Krispy Kreme donut and even harder when it's for a good cause!

Reach out to other restaurants, grocery stores or retails businesses and ask them to do a profit share for a day. A business that's willing to share a percentage of their sales with your homeless shelter or rescue mission can make a big difference in your fundraising journey.

Host a 5K

Even people who don't like running will consider doing it for a good cause. 5Ks are one of the most affordable ways to turn fundraising into high-energy event. Runners' registration fees go to your non-profit organization, and with the help of social media, advertising costs are minimal.

Get sponsors to provide drinks and snacks for the runners who finish the race as well as a monetary prize for the male and female winners. Call on volunteers to assist with set-up/teardown, registration and course preparation, and you're good to go!

Set up a GoFundMe page

With about 10,000 people starting GoFundMe campaigns every day, this free, web-based fundraising platform has certainly gained a lot of traction. One draw is that GoFundMe makes fundraising incredibly simple and accessible with diverse categories such as business, education, charity, sports, weddings, wishes and competitions.

GoFundMe is a familiar platform, which means people are quicker to trust it. The down side of such familiarity is that GoFundMe has unfortunately become the platform for numerous undeserving causes. Too many scenarios like "Help, I booked the wrong plane ticket" or "Please give me money to jump start my business endeavor" eventually cloud the intended purpose of GoFundMe over time.

This doesn't mean GoFundMe is a bad place to host your fundraiser. Instead, it's just a reminder to make sure your cause is a legitimate one before you ask others to donate their hard-earned cash.

We're here when you're ready

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