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It's difficult to say whether kids or parents are more nervous about the first day of camp. While kids are preoccupied with worries about whether their cabin-mates will like them or if their counselor will be the coolest, parents have slightly different concerns. Namely, the health and safety of their children. 

We know that parents are used to being in charge of every possible detail when it comes to their children’s wellbeing — we’re the same way! And while parents will probably still worry about the occasional bump or bruise from summer camp games, one thing they’ll never have to worry about is your camp mattresses.

These features, prominent in all of American Beddings summer camp mattresses, will help put parents at ease when they leave their precious cargo with you.

Antibacterial mattresses

Your camp is packed with fun at every turn, and with all that fun comes a lot of mess. When it comes to keeping this mess from becoming a health concern, antibacterial mattresses save the day!

What exactly does antibacterial mean? Simply put, antibacterial mattresses inhibit the growth of bacteria when they come into contact with it. Not only that, but antibacterial properties also protect against mold and mildew.

In short, antibacterial mattresses help keep the children healthy, prevent infection, and, best of all, are easy to clean!

Wipeable And Fluid Resistant Surfaces

Kids aren't squeaky clean, and consequently neither are their beds — especially at camp! That's why wipeable, fluid-resistant mattresses are such a plus for camp cabins. Any spills and accidents can be easily wiped up.

Additionally, fluid-resistant mattresses don't absorb liquids between the time the accident happens and the time you get around to cleaning it up. That means that there’s no chance of any liquid seeping into the mattress core and causing harmful bacteria or allergens.

Additionally, considering the ease with which these mattresses can all be cleaned, it’s no extra chore to wipe and sanitize each bed between guests! Having a mattress that is easily cleaned makes a huge difference in keeping your cabins clean and sanitized, which is pivotal to keeping your campers safe, especially when colds or bugs are going around.

Bed Bug Proof Bedding

Do you think bed bugs are a camp director's worst nightmare? Try being a parent. Nothing will bring parents to your camp sooner than a phone call that their child's cabin has bed bugs.

While bed bugs can be eradicated within a few days, the thought of them never really leaves a parent’s memory, and as a result, you may have a difficult time getting these parents to register their kids for your camp next year.

Don't risk this loss. Be proactive and purchase bed bug proof mattresses for your camp. With bed bug proof technology, bed bugs have nowhere to hide, which means they won't be staying on your camp beds.

Healthy, Safe, and Parent-Approved: Just One Of Our Many Mattress Missions

We're pretty confident our camp mattresses have the approval of parents everywhere; do they have yours? For more information about our camp bedding, including vinyl or nylon mattresses and wooden bunk beds, contact us online or give us a call at (800) 203-2507.

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Editor's Note: This blog post was originally published on 1/31/2018 & has been updated to be more thorough. 

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