How to Attach a Ladder to Your Metal Bunk Bed

How to Attach a Ladder to Your Metal Bunk Bed

Whether you have a handful of metal bunk beds without ladders or an entire facility’s worth, the task of attaching ladders may sound overwhelming. No matter how long you’ve procrastinated on the attachment process — don’t worry. You can complete this task in hardly any time at all, that is, if you already have the right ladders and tools by your side.

What You’ll Need

In order to get this project on its way to success, you’ll want to ensure you have the following handy. Below, you’ll also see a video that covers everything you need to know to attach your ladders safely and securely. Feel free to follow along with the written instructions, the video provided, or both. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A helper
  • A universal ladder, such as our Adapt-a-Ladder
  • Ladder brackets, or J Hooks, that come with the ladder
  • Bracket screws (provided with ladder)
  • 4mm Allen wrench (provided) or a power drill with a 4mm Allen wrench bit

Video: Attaching the Ladder  

Once you’ve gotten the above components together, it’s time to get to work. Check out this quick video to see just how easy it is to attach a ladder to your metal bunk bed.


Or, read along with these quick instructions

  1. Gather your needed materials and your chosen helper.
  2. With your helper, hold the ladder in place firmly against the bed. 
  3. Insert the top ladder brackets (known as J Hooks) from behind. You don’t have to attach them tightly, just enough to hold the weight of the ladder.
  4. Insert the bottom ladder brackets (J Hooks) from behind. You can "pin" the bracket to the spring base with your hand to make it easier to thread.
  5. Tighten all four bracket screws with the provided 4mm Allen wrench. Or, you may prefer to use a power drill with a 4mm Allen wrench bit.

More About Universal Accessories

What’s great about universal accessories is that they’re meant to work on just about any metal military-style bed with angled iron rails. 

Our Adapt-a-Ladder works with the Model 4000, 4500, 5000, and our Platinum Collection furniture. The beauty of the Adapt-a-Ladder’s bolt-on design allows it to be easy for anyone to install quickly and effectively. 

You may also be interested in our other universal accessories, such as the Adapt-a-Rail. Adapt-a-Rail allows you to bring your bunk beds up to necessary safety standards. Our Adapt-a-Rail is available in 51” and 75” lengths in Black or Platinum Brown.

How else can we help?

If there are other questions we can answer or concerns we can ease, we hope you'll give us a call or contact us online! If you really like our Adapt-a-Ladder and want to see more of our products and bunk bed accessories, click on the banner below to request a catalog.

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Editor's Note: This blog was originally published on 11/28/2018 and has been updated to include new information.

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