How to Optimize Industrial Bedding in Different Settings

How to Optimize Industrial Bedding in Different Settings

There are a few tricks you should know, especially during the busy holiday season, for how to optimize your industrial bedding. Curious about how you can do so in different settings — such as camps, rehab facilities, and shelters? We’ve got you covered below.

Benefits of industrial bedding

Industrial bedding should not only withstand a lot, but it should also make your residents feel safe, comfortable, and accommodated. Especially during times like these, you should only choose options that can handle frequent sanitation and are easy to keep clean. For this to be possible, industrial bedding is made from carefully selected products that withstand the cleaning process. They are applied to the furniture and mattress covers. The benefits of industrial bedding also come down to their overall design and functionality.

Optimizing industrial bedding for camps

Optimizing industrial bedding at your camp — whether it’s a seasonal camp or is open year-round — often comes down to the durability of the mattresses you’re using. Are they bed bug proof and waterproof? Is the mattress supportive, yet comfortable? These features will keep your mattresses safe and usable season after season. Check out our camp mattresses to learn how they’re different (and better) than some other options on the market.

Making the best of bedding in rehab settings

For example, we covered The Best Furniture for a Rehab Facility and touched on a few key points. Not only should you provide a variety of furniture in rehab settings that will help your residents make necessary transitions comfortably, but also ensure that they’ll be safe throughout the process.

So how can bedding in rehab settings be optimized? A good test is if it can be tailored to different residents or even accommodate multiple residents per room without taking up too much additional space. On the other hand, common areas should feature chairs and tables with design elements that promote a feeling of community. These items should also have seamless, streamlined design for added comfort and a lower risk of injury or damage to the furniture itself.

Optimizing homeless shelters and more

Metal bunk bed styles, such as the Model 4500 from American Bedding and their demountable design are a great example of furniture fit for optimization. The demountable design allows rooms to be easily reconfigured again and again. Here are 4 Metal Furniture Ideas to Optimize Space at Your Rehab Facility — and these ideas can be applied to a homeless shelter easily, too, with some creativity.

If you become savvy enough at optimizing your furniture in different settings, you’ll also need to know how to care for your mattresses and furniture properly to prolong its life. If you have additional questions about optimizing your industrial bedding, contact us or click below for a quote.

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