I Need Camp Mattresses: Where Do I Start?

Search for camp mattressesOne thing is for sure: You need new camp mattresses before the summer camp season begins.

But where do you start? This daunting task of buying mattresses to fill your camp bunk beds isn't as difficult as you may think. To prove it, we'll break it down in steps.

Mattress counting

Before you even start shopping for new mattresses, figure out how many you need and what sizes they must be. These are the basics, and you can't move forward without them.

Number crunching

The best way to keep from overspending on a purchase is to start with your budget. Set your price threshold for the maximum amount of money your camp is willing to spend on new mattresses. If you haven't purchased mattresses in more than a decade and you're not sure what a realistic budget is, you may need to get a quote from a mattress vendor first.

Requesting a quote may feel like a big deal because it means you're no longer an anonymous shopper on a random company's website. When you submit a quote request, the sales team suddenly has your contact information, and if you're still in the window-shopping phase, that may seem overwhelming.

But here's our advice: Relax. Price quotes are not contracts, and not all sales teams are pushy. Contacting a mattress manufacturer for pricing is simply the next logical step in your mattress buying journey. And frankly, for someone who's reading an article about not knowing where to start on a bulk mattress purchase, having a little input from a sales team member is probably exactly what you need—even as early as the budgeting phase.

Vendor scouting

If you've gotten a price quote, then you've already started the "vendor scouting" process. Finding a mattress vendor is an obvious step in the mattress buying process. (You can't shop for products if you don't find vendors who sell them.) But it's such an obvious step that most shoppers don't think about it enough.

Choosing the right mattress vendor is almost as important as choosing the right product. Why? Because ideally, you'll be working with the vendor you choose for years to come. It's not just a customer-vendor interaction; it's more like a business relationship. When you choose a mattress vendor that works well with you and fits into your organization's goals, your entire customer experience will play out much more smoothly, from the first quote to the final payment and mattress delivery. 

Product tapering

Once you've established a budget and found a mattress manufacturer you like, it's time to research the products that seem like a good fit for your camp and narrow down your list of wants to your list of needs. During the tapering phase, ask specific questions like these:

Mattresses are about a 7- to 10- year commitment, so don't rush into a purchase just to check it off your to-do list. Take your time choosing the products that are right for your camp specifically.

Deal closing

Once you're confident in your buying decision, it's time to seal the deal. Place your order, pick your payment method, and plan delivery details. That's it!

If American Bedding can be of any help during your mattress shopping journey, let us know by clicking on the banner below!

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