I Need Metal Beds. What Are My Options?


You’ve done the research. You’ve weighed your facility’s needs and itemized your lists and your decision is clear — you need metal beds. That’s a great first step in narrowing down your needs. After all, you’ve already made the tough call between wood vs metal and come up with a winner.

But now what? What are your options with metal bunks? The good news for you is that you have several options to choose from — and we have them all laid out for you!

American Bedding’s Metal Bunks

As with any product — especially furniture — there are many different styles and options to choose from. It can easily become overwhelming, so it’s important to know where to start. When choosing the best metal bunks for your facility, always remember to keep in mind:

  1. The strength of the steel
  2. If you need an adjustable spring base
  3. The durability of angle iron rails
  4. Whether you need heavy-duty bolts and feet
  5. The benefits of a powder coat finish

Platinum Series

We know metal furniture takes a beating in camps, colleges, housing facilities, and rehab institutions. That’s why we designed our Platinum Collection Steel-Construction Furniture to withstand even the toughest blows and keep looking warm, welcoming, and inviting. These metal beds offer you the strength and durability of steel along with a dignified, residential feel.

Model 4500 Collection

If you are looking for something slightly lighter than the Platinum Series, the Model 4500 Collection may be perfect for you. Featuring a sleeker style, the Model 4500 Collection is less focused on looks and more on functionality. These beds come in a variety of sizes and styles, with many storage options for the privacy and individuality of your guests.

Model 4000

These heavy-duty welded construction bunks are proudly made in the USA and pass the rigorous GSA performance standards. With a high weight capacity and no tools required for assembly, the Model 4000 is perfect for facilities looking for pure, perfect functionality.

Model 5000

These beds — much like the Model 4000 mentioned above — are the most reflective of our born-and-made-in-the-USA spirit here at American Bedding because they are created and manufactured right here in the USA. The Model 5000 is one of the strongest, most durable army bunk beds on the market, and — just like our soldiers — it can meet any demands you throw its way.


Of course, your metal bed wouldn’t be complete without bringing it up to safety regulations and personalizing it for your unique needs. Accessories can allow you to add storage options for your guests, ladders and rails to keep residents safe from harm, and partitions for privacy.

Need Meta Beds? Check out your options. Infographic.

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Need a Quote? Contact Us TodayEditor's Note: This blog was originally published on 12/12/18 & has been updated to include new information.

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