Is a $99 Mattress Right for You? Take the Quiz!

Innerspring MattressPop quiz! Don't worry, though. This quiz isn't for a grade as much as it is for your benefit in buying mattresses.

Chances are, you've heard of the $99 Mattress, and you've wondered if it's right for you... But then you got an email, or it was lunchtime, and the question ended up out of sight, out of mind. 

Good news! After taking this six-question quiz, you don't have to wonder anymore. You'll know for sure if the $99 Mattress is right for your guests and your facility. Good luck!

1. How do you feel about innerspring mattresses?

  1. I prefer them.
  2. Not a chance.
  3. I could be convinced.

2. What type of organization are you buying for?

  1. Camp
  2. College
  3. Rescue Mission or Homeless Shelter
  4. Disaster Relief Organization or Government Housing
  5. Residential

3. Which type of material would you like for the exterior of your mattress?

  1. Vinyl
  2. Nylon
  3. None of the above

4. Describe your mattress budget.

  1. I'd almost accept used mattresses because they're all I can afford.
  2. What's a budget? I just buy whatever I like best.
  3. I'm on a tight budget, but if I find a quality mattress, I'm willing to pay a little more.

5. True or False? I need a mattress that prevents bed bugs.

T / F

6. How much would your facility benefit from waterproof mattresses?

  1. Exponentially. My mattresses are always soaking up liquids in one form or another, and I'm afraid I'll have to replace them sooner than I should.
  2. It would be nice. Now that I think about it, it's a bit disgusting to think about how much fluid a mattress can absorb and hold onto year after year.
  3. Not at all. I like the extra weight and gross bacteria that liquids add to my mattresses.

How did you do?

Let's score your quiz, and see if a $99 Mattress is right for you!

# 1

If you answered A or C, then you'll love our $99 Mattress. It comes with an innerspring core that's durable and also cushioned to provide layers of comfort and support. If you answered B, however... Well, we'd still like to see if we can sway you toward the $99 Innerspring Mattress!


All of our products, including the $99 Mattress, are primarily designed for camps, colleges, rescue missions, homeless shelters, disaster relief organizations, government housing, and other communal overnight facilities. So, unless you answered E, you're a prime candidate for the $99 Mattress!


Our $99 Mattresses are available in both vinyl and nylon, so the only wrong answer here is C.


We hope your answer was B or C, but if it did happen to be A, DON'T DO IT! Used mattresses are a health hazard. You can't put a price on health, but if you tried, I think we'd all agree that it's more than $99.


The only right answer to the bed bug question is TRUE. Don't wait for a bed bug infestation to decide that you should have take the preventative route and bought Bed Bug Proof $99 Mattresses.


Waterproof is another healthy feature for any mattress. If you answered A or B, we're glad you agree. If you answered C... Let's just say, you won't be seeing us as your guests any time soon.

Class is dismissed!

The quiz is over, but you still don't have your mattresses. Click on the banner below to get in touch with our sales team today!

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