Mapping Out a Smart Mattress Purchasing Timeline

Mattress purchasingThere's a reason the phrase "Shop 'til you drop" became a popular one. It's because shopping can quickly become a very long, exhausting process.

When you're making a large purchase, there are plenty of other factors that can extend the already lengthy process. It may take months to research the product, weeks to get approval from your superiors to buy it, and several application submissions to obtain grant money from a financier.

With good planning, you can cut down on the exhaustion that comes from long shopping trips and complicated purchasing processes. The secret to good planning is asking the right questions.

Here's what you should be asking during the buying process!

What's the lead time?

When you're shopping for new mattresses, bunk beds, or replacement mattress covers, it's important to find out from the seller what the lead time is before your order will be able to ship. Don't assume your vendor functions like Amazon because they probably don't.

Are your products made to order?

If the camp mattresses you ordered are already sitting in a warehouse ready to go, this will significantly cut down on the lead time. However, if you're ordering from a mattress manufacturer, chances are good that the mattresses must be manufactured before they ship.

While purchasing made-to-order products may increase the lead time on your order, you can have confidence in the fact that you're getting new, never-before-used, quality product. You'll enjoy the product's full lifespan and never have to worry that the vinyl or nylon mattresses you just ordered were previously shipped to another facility and returned by the buyer before being passed along to you. Neither do you need to be concerned that the mattress materials will be damaged from sitting in a hot warehouse for months.

Another benefit of made-to-order mattresses is that they can be customized to your preferred size, thickness and more! Just make sure you talk to your sales person to get tips on customizing a made-to-order mattress.

Will everything ship together or separately?

Most companies will ship everything together unless one part of the order is backordered or delayed for other reasons. However, some companies hold entire orders for weeks until everything is ready to ship together. Make sure you find out what your seller's policy is so that you can plan accordingly or request separate shipments.

How do I arrange delivery?

Large orders like dorm mattresses and metal bunk beds are more difficult to transport and deliver than that book you just ordered from Amazon. Ask about delivery so that you know exactly what to expect on delivery day, including who the carrier is, when they will be arriving, and whether the order will be shipping as a truckload or LTL.

Communicate important details to your seller, including your delivery deadline (if you have one), directions to your drop-off point, information about the installation crew you hired, and any other unique details about your shipment or delivery location.

Communication is key!

In order to ask the right questions, you need to be in contact with the right people. Make sure the person you're buying mattresses, mattress covers or bunk beds from is easily reachable and very knowledgable about the products they're selling. This will not only give you peace of mind, but also a positive customer experience.

To start a conversation with our knowledgable sales team, give us a call today! 

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