Mattress & Furniture Shipments: What to Expect on Delivery Day

Furniture and Mattress DeliveryDelivery day is an exciting day when you're expecting those new mattresses, metal beds, or wooden bunks you ordered! In addition to receiving your shipment, what else should you expect?

If you haven't received many large deliveries in the past, you may not be familiar with how the process works.

By knowing what to expect on delivery day, your delivery will run much more smoothly. Let us help you prepare by addressing a few standard practices that are often overlooked.

BYOH (Bring your own help)

Your driver will not help you unload your new mattresses or bunk beds. The delivery driver's job is to transport your items from American Bedding to the agreed upon address, nothing more.. Make sure you've planned ahead and recruited enough volunteers to help you unload your shipment in a timely manner.

You don't have all day

Speaking of timeliness, you have a limited amount of time to unload your shipment. Two hours are allowed for large shipments involving a full truckload of product, but smaller shipments, known as LTL, allow for even less time than that. Your driver has places to go and things to do. He or she already has the next delivery scheduled, so be sensitive to his/her schedule and the schedules of the other customers on the route.

So, when you're recruiting volunteers to help you unload, make sure you have enough hands that are capable of getting the job done as quickly as possible.

Request a liftgate

It will be much easier to unload the truck in the allotted time frame if you have the materials you need. On smaller, LTL shipments, a liftgate can be an invaluable resource for unloading larger furniture pieces, but the truck won’t be equipped with one unless you ask for it in advance.

Liftgates aren’t available on truckload shipments, so be sure to have plenty of hand trucks, helpers, or even a fork lift if possible to help get large pieces unloaded safely and efficiently.

Pay for special requests

Do you need your shipment to arrive on or before a specific day or time? Don't expect special requests to come through just because you happened to make brief comment like, "It would be really great if we could get the mattresses here between 9 and 10 am."

If some aspect of the delivery is important to you, ask directly if your request can be accommodated, but realize it will likely come with an extra charge. Some examples of extra services are:

  • Expedited shipping
  • Guaranteed delivery time
  • Liftgate
  • Arrival Notify Fee
  • Remote Access Fee (The middle of nowhere is great for a camp, but it is not so great for a trucking company planning an efficient route.)

All of these services can make your life much easier, and a little forward thinking can go a long way.

Pay attention

Before your shipment arrives, review our Damaged Freight Policy so you're familiar with the necessary steps to take in case your freight is damaged during transit.

If there is visible damage, be sure to notate it on the copy of the Bill of Lading signed by the delivery driver and take pictures of the damages. Then notify your American Bedding sales rep ASAP and give him all the applicable documentation.

Leave it to a professional

If you've ever hired an installation crew, you know it's worth it! Installers can help you unload and set up your new furniture. Consider adding installation to your order and let the professionals do the heavy lifting!

Keep in mind, you'll still need to have a point person at the delivery site to answer questions and approve installation. But that's much easier than finding and organizing a team of staff members or volunteers to help you unload.

Curious about installation? Give us a call! We have some great installation companies that we work with regularly and can even quote you on the cost.

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