Metal Bunk Beds: Platinum vs. the Model 4500

metal bunk bedWe've talked about metal bunk beds versus wood bunks, but now it's time to dive a little deeper into the bunk bed comparison. If you've decided that metal bunks are right for your overnight facility, then your next step is deciding which type of metal bunk bed you want to order. 

Will you choose metal bunk beds from the Platinum Collection or metal beds from the Model 4500 Collection? Let us help you decide by comparing these two families of beds.

How Our Metal Bunk Bed Collections Are Alike

Before we look at the differences between the Platinum Collection and the Model 4500 Collection, let's look at their similarities.

Metal and Coating

Both the Platinum and Model 4500 bunks are made of 16-gauge cold-rolled sheet metal and covered with a top quality powder coating. All surfaces are cleaned and phosphatized for optimum paint adhesion. The paint is hardened by baking the metal at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.


Whether you need bunk bed partitions, guard rails, or the Adapt-a-Ladderyou can get any of these bunk bed accessories regardless of which collection your bed is from. 

Demountable and Adjustable

Our metal bunks from both collections are demountable, and they all utilize the adjustable bracket that can be configured for 75” or 80” lengths.

Square Tube Rail Technology

Our “square tube” rail technology is much stronger and more durable than most residential “round tube” bunk beds and rails.

How They're Different

While most customers would be equally pleased with metal bunk beds from either of our collections, there are are few differences between the two bunk bed families that guide buyers to choose from one or the other.

Color and Curves

The most obvious differences between our two bunk bed collections are the color and the shape of the rails. The Platinum Collection is brown with bunk bed rails that meet at sharp right angles, while the Model 4500 Collection is black and has curved rails.

The wood grain laminate accents on the Platinum Collection combined with the brown color lends a warmer look.

Size Options

The biggest difference in sizing for our metal bunk beds is the fact that the Platinum Collection offers a Twin Over Full option and a Single Metal Bed, while the Model 4500 Collection does not. Another difference is that the Model 4500 Bunk is available in a 30” width, and the Platinum bunks are not.

Other than those differences, the traditional Spring Base and Solid Panel Bunks from both collections offer the same dimensions. 

Weight and Weight Rating 

The Platinum bunks weigh more and support more weight than the Model 4500 bunks. How much more? Here's a breakdown: The Platinum Collection's Solid Panel Bunk has a 450-pound weight rating per sleep surface, and the same bunk from the Model 4500 Collection has a 400-pound weight rating per sleep surface. The bunks themselves also differ slightly in weight with the Model 4500 bunks being 5 to 35 pounds lighter than the Platinum bunks depending on the style you choose within the collection.

For more bunk bed comparisons, take a look at our article, Spring Base vs. Solid Panel Bunks: Which Is Right for You? If you'd rather discuss your questions with one of our team members, give us a call at (800) 203-2507, or contact us online! Ready for a quote on metal bunk beds? We can help you with that, too!

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Platinum Spring Base Bunk

Platinum Spring Base Bunk

Platinum Solid Panel Bunk

Platinum Solid Panel Bunk

Platinum Twin Over Full Bunk

Platinum Twin Over Full Bunk

Model 4500 Spring Base Bunk

Model 4500 Spring Base Bunk

Model 4500 Solid Panel Bunk

4500 solid panel

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