Metal Bunks: What Has Been and What Will Be in 2018

Solid Panel BunkAs we wrap up 2017, we can't help but look forward to the New Year and get excited about what's in store for 2018.

It warms our hearts to think about where our company has been and how we've grown—not only in our product offerings and industry knowledge, but as a team that has become a trusted resource for our customers

In our mission to provide the highest quality and the right product selections for camps, colleges, shelters and other housing facilities, we're adding a new metal bunk bed to our inventory.

Here's what you need to know about this new product:

What's different about the Solid Panel Metal Bunk Bed?

The Solid Panel Metal Bunk (pictured), has a flat metal base rather than the typical spring base featured on our other bunk bed models (4000, 4500 and 5000). It also has a modified support bracket designed to stop the mattress from sliding off the bunk.

Outside of than these design changes, the features on this new metal bunk model are the same as those on our other bunks. 

  • Powder coated finish that makes for a durable surface
  • Steel angle rails that are stronger than tubular rails
  • Heavy-duty powder coat finish that keeps paint from chipping
  • Demountable for individual metal bed option
  • High weight rating of 450 pounds per sleep surface
  • Built-in ladder at each end of the bunk
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors

These are features that have been important to our customers since the launch of our first metal bed, and that's why we're carrying them on to our new products as well.

What's the purpose of the solid panel on a metal bed?

You may be wondering why we're offering a solid-panel bunk bed. The simple answer is: Because we listen carefully to our customers' questions and concerns, and we want them to find the best metal bunk beds for them!

To get a little more specific, the Solid Panel Bunk eliminates three major headaches for our customers: maintenance, snagging, and product tampering from clientele.


Extending the life of a spring base bunk requires occasional maintenance. Spring bases should be checked periodically to ensure that the carbon wire connectors are in place and functioning properly. The purpose of a carbon wire connector is to protect the spring base and mattress against premature sagging and other damage.


Over time, spring bases shift around and the sharp edges of the springs can occasionally snag and rip the nylon or vinyl cover on the mattress above. This is extremely rare, but it's nevertheless a common question regarding our metal bunk beds.


Whether you’re a Boy Scout camp or a rehab facility, all of our customers have one thing in common: clients. Clients enrich our lives in many ways, but they also bring a special set of challenges -- they can be “hard on stuff.”

The Solid Panel Bunk eliminates the possibility for tampering in two specific ways:

  • No carbon wire spring connectors. Some clients like to sleep cocooned in a hammock, and while we can understand the appeal of such a sleeping arrangement, a spring base was not designed for that.  Removing the connection wires gives clients a little extra bounce to their beds, but it causes the bunk bed and the mattresses to wear out prematurely. The Solid Panel Bunk eliminates this possibility and allows for durable use of both the bunk bed and the mattress that sits on it.
  • The “bad bunkmate.” The second common issue we see with spring bases is the case of the bad bunkmate.  Every now and then, clients have been known to slice open the mattress above them to hide contraband, poke sticks, pencils, and other taboo items in the mattress of their unsuspecting bunkmate. The Solid Panel Bunk provides complete and necessary separation between bunkmates to ensure a peaceful night and a mattress that lasts as long as possible.

What else can you tell me about this new metal bunk?

We'll tell you whatever you want to know! Just pick up the phone and give us a call at (800) 203-2507. Ask us about pricing on this metal bunk bed or others. You can also contact us online any time! Our sales team would love to chat.

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