Our 2018 Catalog Is Here!

At last we've released our 2018 Catalog! In it, you'll find all of the most valuable products you know and trust, plus some new, creative additions to help your camp, rescue mission, homeless shelter or college dorm function better. You can browse the complete catalog by clicking on the button below.

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Or if you'd just like a quick overview of the latest updates for now, you're in the right place. Here's a glimpse of some of the newest products we're most excited about.

Bunk Bed Partition

4500 Bunk Bed Partition

The Bunk Bed Partition is ideal for facilities where privacy is needed but space is limited.

Available in black or brown, these semi-opaque partitions perfectly fit between our new Solid Panel Metal Bunks as well as the the traditional spring-base 4500 Metal Bunks and any of our Platinum Collection Bunks. Try them out at your homeless shelter, rescue mission, disaster relief center, or other overnight housing facility!

Solid Panel Bunk Bed

Platinum Solid Panel Bunk-1

Available in black or brown, the new Solid Panel Bunk Bed features a smooth, flat surface for mattresses. The main advantages that a Solid Panel Bunk has over a spring-base bunk bed are...

  1. Less maintenance (Springs need to be tightened every now and then.)
  2. Reduced chances of snagging the mattress
  3. Added protection/barrier between bunk mates   

Black 4-Drawer Chest

4500 Black 4-Drawer Chest

We've always carried the Platinum 4-Drawer Chest and the Platinum Nightstand in brown to match the Platinum Furniture Collection. But now, your favorite Platinum 4-Drawer Chest is taking on a new look -- in classic black! And doesn't it look absolutely stunning!

We are expanding our Model 4500 collection to include this and other furniture pieces to come.

Remember, there's more!

When we said we were giving you a brief overview of our new products, we really meant the part about it being brief. There's much more to see in our new 2018 catalog. If you notice anything that interests you, let us know. Or if you're ready for price quote, click on the banner below to request one today!

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