Our Best Tips for Cleaning Shelter Mattresses & More

Our Best Tips for Cleaning Shelter Mattresses and More

Whether you’re battling cyclical germs, mold, other cleanliness issues, or something at the scale of a pandemic, there are effective ways to keep your mattresses clean in your facilities. Using the tips below for cleaning shelter mattresses will keep your residents safe and thriving, season after season.

Stick to a cleaning protocol

It will be up to you and your staff to determine the best cleaning protocol for you. However, it’s no secret that a strict schedule and diligence will keep your mattresses clean and ready at all times.

Tip #1: Flip your mattresses regularly.

Flipping mattresses that are used often will not only help them wear properly, but you’ll also keep a handle on cleaning them. Mold, debris, stains, and other unpleasantness won’t be able to hide underneath mattresses that are regularly turned.

Tip #2: Air them out.

You should never submerge your mattresses in water. On the contrary, spraying and wiping them down often with a bleach solution should more than do the trick. In the following section, we cover how to be tough on germs and grime while preserving the usability of your mattresses.

Be tough on germs and grime

Letting germs and grime linger on your shelter mattresses will make them harder to keep clean in the long run. Not to mention, mattresses and sleep areas are high touch surfaces that you should wipe and sanitize regularly to limit the spread of illness.

Tip #3: Clean mattresses not in use.

Even if you’re not using mattresses regularly, this doesn’t mean they can’t collect germs or debris while in storage. Furthermore, you should check regularly that your storage space is dry and free of pests, mildew, or mold.

Tip #4: Thoroughly clean mattresses after each resident.

You probably know to do this already, but the importance of cleaning mattresses for each new resident cannot be overstated. If the resident using a mattress becomes ill, on the other hand, you should also do your part by cleaning the matttress for them to stop or limit the spread of germs. Clean any mattresses that are in this same room, vicinity, or on the same bunk, too.

Clean or replace: How to decide

Sometimes, it may be hard to decide whether cleaning shelter mattresses will be enough or if it’s just time to say goodbye. Before you toss them to the curb, consider the following.

Tip #5: Replace just the cover.

External cleaning — even when done regularly — can only do so much for certain covers on the market. Replacing the cover of your mattress can make it practically new. This is especially true if the cover you choose is waterproof, antibacterial, bed bug proof, and durable, like those offered by American Bedding.

Tip #6: Need a new one? Recycle the mattress.

Though not all mattresses are 100% recyclable, many can be broken down into their components. These components can then be recycled individually. If you choose to buy a new mattress or are looking for institutional furniture to go along with it, be sure to check out our catalog. In fact, a great feature of our mattresses is that they are 100% recyclable.

Choosing the right shelter mattress in the first place

Cleaning shelter mattresses season after season is easier when you choose the right mattress in the first place. If you’re unsure about your options, are interested in a custom size, or would like to know just how affordable shelter mattresses can be, contact us today or view our catalog!


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