Our Summer Camp Mattresses Keep Your Kids Safe and Healthy

It's difficult to say whether kids or parents are more nervous about the first day of camp. While kids are preoccupied with worries about whether their cabin-mates will like them or if their counselor will be the coolest, parents have slightly different concerns. Namely, the health and safety of...

Why Cots Are Better Than Air Mattresses

Would you rather sleep on a cot or an air mattress? Both work well as temporary sleeping arrangements, but is it possible that one is better than the other?

We think so! Find out what makes cots better than air mattresses for your homeless shelter, government housing facility, scout camp, or ...

Choosing Between Vinyl and Nylon Mattresses

Whoever said "It's what's on the inside that really matters" clearly was not talking about mattresses.

When it comes to mattresses, of course the inside matters — but the outside does, too! Different mattresses have various materials that serve unique purposes.

For example, vinyl and nylon both...

I Need Metal Beds. What Are My Options?

You’ve done the research. You’ve weighed your facility’s needs and itemized your lists and your decision is clear — you need metal beds. That’s a great first step in narrowing down your needs. After all, you’ve already made the tough call between wood vs metal and come up with a winner.

Should I Get Wood or Metal Bunk Beds for My Camp?

If you're the director of a camp or any other kind of overnight housing facility, chances are you'll be purchasing furniture and bunk beds at some point.

When that time comes, you'll need to make a decision between metal and wood. In order to make an educated buying decision, it's worth taking a...

What Our Military Mattresses and Metal Bunks Have in Common with the Soldiers Who Use Them

As a manufacturer that makes military mattresses and bedding according to the GSA schedule, American Bedding Manufacturers is proud to provide cot mattresses, mattress covers, and metal bunk beds to military housing facilities. 

Ironically, when it comes to military mattresses and metal bunks we...

How to Get the Musty Smell Out of Camp Mattresses

You know the smell -- It's that musty smell that doesn't let up regardless of whether you're using your camp mattresses in cabins or you're storing them in a shed.Mattresses seem to get musty no matter what. The important thing is knowing how to get rid of those musty odors on your camp...

Bed Bugs! Don't Let Them Creep Up on You

There’s nothing worse than bed bugs, those creepy crawly enemies of facilities, dorms, camps, and missions. But how do you know when you’re at risk, or more importantly, how to prevent an infestation? Don’t worry — that’s what we’re here for! Here’s how to discover, deal with, and prevent a bed...

What Is the 16 CFR 1633 and Why Is It Important?

If you're in the mattress industry and the phrase 16 CFR 1633 sounds like a bunch of jargon to you, then keep reading. You've found your CliffsNotes for open flame mattress testing.

Welcome to class.

4 Reasons You Need a Waterproof Mattress or Mattress Cover

When you hear “benefits of a waterproof mattress,” your mind probably goes straight to the kid in camp with the weakest bladder. But there are many more bodily fluids your college and rescue mission mattresses need to be protected from.

Waterproof mattresses and mattress covers are...

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