Quiet Activities to Do with Your Campers During Naptime

Crafts for camp naptimeNaps are one of those things that are definitely more appreciated with age. Campers, unfortunately, usually don't enjoy them as much as their counselors do.

Nevertheless, due to state and federal policies on naps, naptime is part of the daily routine at most camps.

So what can a camp counselor do to turn naptime from being a dreaded activity into one that's fun yet laid-back? We have a few ideas that will not only entertain restless campers, but will also help them get to know each other in the process. 

Color a cabin banner

Pull out the crayons, markers, and paper, and let your campers create a banner to hang in your cabin. It can be as simple as a welcome banner, or you can encourage your campers to choose a cabin name to write on the banner.

If your campers want to give themselves a cabin name, the best way to keep this potentially lively discussion quiet is to have everyone write their name ideas on a piece of paper and toss them into a hat. From there, you can either leave the cabin name to chance and draw a name out of the hat, or let everyone vote on their favorite name for the group.

Make friendship bracelets or tribe tattoos

The friendship bracelet is probably as old as camp itself. There's a good reason making friendship bracelets has withstood the test of time, though. It's a fun activity that leaves campers with a little keepsake to remember camp by! However, since boys may be averse to making friendship bracelets for their bros, we have another idea. 

Tribe tats! The tribe tattoo will be a single design (decided by the group) that every boy in the cabin draws or paints on his skin to represent what cabin he belong to. Boys love this kind of thing! It feeds their enthusiasm for brotherhood, loyalty, and all those macho feels.

Decorate with paper

Origami originated in Japan, but since folding paper into decorative designs is so much fun, it's become popular in the United States as well. Your campers will certainly be eager to create paper decorations for the cabin -- especially if their other option is actually taking a nap.

A word to the wise, though: Make sure you teach yourself a thing or two about origami before you attempt it with your campers. It'll be much more fun for everyone if you can instruct them so that they have attractive artwork to show for their time.

Tic Tac Toss

Tic Tac Toss is essentially a life-size game of tic tac toe. Ideally, the only materials you need are tape on the floor to create an octothorpe (better known as the hashtag symbol) and two sets of bean bags. Of course, if you don't have tape and bean bags, you can improvise with similar materials lying around the cabin. Your campers will have fun either way.

Just a heads up -- this game can quickly escalate into anything but a quiet activity. So, to keep it quiet, establish are rule that talking or laughing results in automatic elimination. You'll actually find that the added challenge of silence significantly increases the fun factor.

For the times you are using your camp beds... 

Origami, tribe tattoos, and tic tac toss are fantastic activities for avoiding naptime, but when bedtime does roll around, your campers deserve quality camp bunks and mattresses. If your camp is lacking in the camp mattress or bedding department, contact American Bedding today! We'd love to go over your options with you and send you a quote. Contact us online or give us a call!

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