Signs It's Time to Replace Your College Dorm Mattresses

Dorm mattressHow are those dorm mattresses looking? If you, a residence hall manager, can't remember the last time you closely evaluated a dorm mattress at your campus, then it's a good thing you're here!

To determine whether it's time to order new mattresses for your college dorm students, you'll need to ask yourself a few basic questions. Let's take a closer look.

How old are your dormitory mattresses?

Don't try to answer this question based on your memory. Go back and check your last Purchase Order (PO) to confirm when you last purchased mattresses and replacment mattress covers for the residence halls at your college. Looking at an old PO will also help to guide you on choosing the types of dorm mattresses you want to purchase and the quantities.

Did you love the innerspring dorm mattresses you got last time? Order them again! Have you always purchased vinyl mattresses? Maybe it's time to try nylon mattresses! Were you short on customized mattresses last time you ordered? Order more this time.

Use your PO to not only evaluate if it's time for new dorm mattresses, but also if you're ordering the right quantities and kinds.

How do your dorm mattresses and covers look?

A quick look at your current dorm room mattresses will help you determine if new mattresses or replacment mattress covers are necessary. Look for obvious signs of wear such as sagging, rips and tears in the mattress cover. Also, pay attention to things like odor, and check for bed bugs. These are not pleasant things to scope out, but they're not things you can expect your dorm students to live with either.

Whether or not you discover bed bugs during your mattress evaluation, we recommend purchasing bed bug proof mattresses and replacement mattress covers. With our bed bug proof mattress technology, bed bugs don't stand a chance. Our inverted seams give them no place to hide, which means these little bugs are unlikely to make your residence halls their home.

Do you need customized dorm mattresses?

If standard-size mattresses are not working for the 6-foot-plus college athletes on your campus, consider replacing these mattresses with customized mattresses that provide extra length. Because of their added comfort, custom-made, extra-long mattresses are quite common for athlete dorms and upperclassmen dorms.

Is it time to speak with an expert?

American Bedding Manufacturers wants you to make an informed decision about your dorm mattresses and mattress covers -- so talk to us about the products you're considering! We'll answer all the questions you have and probably even more. Give us a call today by clicking on the banner below. We can't wait to hear from you!

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