Signs That Bed Bugs Are Camping Out on Your Camp Mattresses

Bed Bugs in Camp CabinsAt places like summer camp, where you have a frequent rotation of guests from one week to the next, it can be difficult to spot a bed bug infestation. In fact, it's not uncommon for an infestation to go unnoticed until after several weeks’ worth of campers have come and gone.

Knowing exactly what types of signs point to bed bugs and taking the time look for these signs can help nip this problem in the bud. Let's discuss some of the most obvious signs that bed bugs have set up camp in your cabins.

Bed bug evidence

Bed bugs may be tiny, but they leave behind plenty of evidence that they're alive and well. 


If there are bed bugs crawling in your campers' beds, some of the bugs will inevitably get crushed. When this happens, bed bugs leave rust-colored stains on your camp mattresses and bedding. If you notice these stains, you can be sure your cabin is infested and not fit for campers until you're able to get rid of the bed bugs


There's a reason people are repulsed by bed bugs — they're dirty! Bed bugs leave behind excrement that eventually bleeds onto mattress fabric or sheets. These dark spots aren't much larger than a period, so if you're not looking closely or if you use dark sheets on your camp mattresses, the spots are easy to miss.

Eggs and eggshells

Female bed bugs lay about one to three eggs per day, so bed bugs multiply rather quickly. With one blood meal every two weeks, females will continue mating and laying eggs.

A bed bug's eggs are about 1 millimeter, and the eggshells are pale yellow in color. The nymphs shed their shells as they grow, so if you're seeing eggshells, then take that as a sign that there are living bed bugs present as well.

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Bed bug hiding spots

If the signs of bed bugs aren't jumping out at you, it's not a bad idea to actually look for bed bugs. Here's where to start your search:

Camp mattress seams

Start by looking closely at the seams of your camp mattresses as well as any other fabric that's in your cabin. Items like curtains and cushions are easy places for bed bugs to hide.

However, if you have mattresses with bed bug proof technology in your camp cabins, the inverted seams make it impossible for bed bugs to hide there.

Electric outlets

Bed bugs can find their way into a lot of small crevices including your cabin's electric outlets. These critters hide behind the plates, so be sure to grab a screw driver and remove the plate every now and then to clean and check for bed bugs. While you're removing the screws, inspect the head of the screw itself. Bed bugs can squeeze into these tiny areas, too!


If you've decorated your cabin with posters or any other type of wall hangings, make a habit of removing and cleaning behind them frequently because that's yet another place for bed bugs to hide.


The bunk beds in your camp cabins will give you a good point from which to see and reach the junction where the ceiling and wall meet. This is a common place for bed bugs to make themselves at home, so look carefully.

Bed bug proof bedding

Whether bed bugs are something you're afraid of dealing with, you're dealing with now, or you've dealt with in the past, we recommend bed bug proof mattresses and bunk beds. Check out our options below and request a quote today!

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