Spring Base vs. Solid Panel Bunks: Which Is Right for You?

Spring Base Bunk BedSince the release of the Solid Panel Metal Bunk Bed, directors of camps, rescue missions and homeless shelters have a big decision to made in regards to a metal bunk bed purchase

They're no longer just deciding between wood and metal bunks; if they've chosen a metal bunk bed, the decision now is between a spring base bunk and a Solid Panel Bunk. To help make the decision a little easier, we've compiled a list of the pros and cons for spring base versus solid panel. Let's take a look!

Spring Base Bunk Bed


  • Comfortable. Beds that sink when you sit on them and bounce as you move feel a little more cozy than firmer beds that absorb every motion. A spring base bunk will give your guests that cozy, cocooned feeling as opposed to a solid panel bed with no give.   
  • Weight. The Spring Base Bunk weighs almost 100 pounds less than a flat panel bunk. If you plan to change room configurations frequently or move bunks between cabins, the lighter weight can turn out to be a major advantage.


  • Maintenance is required. While we certainly don't consider our spring base bunks to be "high maintenance," we do acknowledge that they require periodic inspections to guarantee that the carbon wire connectors have not moved. If these wires are not positioned correctly, the mattress and the spring base will start sagging. 
  • Mattresses may snag or rip. As mattresses are used, there will be friction between the nylon or vinyl and the spring base bunk. Over time, this friction can result in a snagged or torn mattress.

Solid Panel Bunk Bed


  • Security. Chances are your guests don't get to choose their bunk mates, which is why it's nice to give them a solid barrier between the top bunk and the bottom bunks. Having a solid panel between the upper and lower bunks eliminates the possibility of the lower bunk mate tampering with the top bunk mate's mattress or even slicing it open to hide contraband inside. (Yes, we've known this to happen.)
  • Stability. With its flat base and smooth metal foundation, the Solid Panel Bunk Bed doesn't put your mattress in a position to bend or snag. This is better for your mattress and may even extend its lifespan.


  • Harder. While the solid panel provides a stable surface for mattresses, this design may be less comfortable for your guests. The solid foundation below a mattress results in a very firm sleeping surface. However, some guests may actually find the firmer foundation to be more comfortable than a spring base, so depending on your guests' sleeping preferences, a harder bed may not end up being a con at all.

You can't go wrong

If you're getting to the end of this article and you still haven't decided which metal bunk bed style is right for you, take comfort in knowing that both products are excellent—that's why we offer both of them! As long as you base your buying decision on your guests' preferences and the facility you're buying for, you can't go wrong.

For a closer look at our bunk bed options, start by clicking through the images below. You can also contact our sales team online or by phone at (800) 203-2507!

Platinum Solid Panel Bunk Bed

Platinum Solid Panel Bunk

Model 4500 Solid Panel Bunk Bed

4500 flat panel

Platinum Spring Base Bunk Bed

Platinum Spring Base Bunk 

Platinum Twin Over Full Spring Base Bunk

Platinum Twin Over Full Spring Base Bunk

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