The Benefits of American Bedding Shelter Mattresses

The Benefits of American Bedding Shelter Mattresses

Buying your shelter mattresses from just anywhere won't guarantee you the same benefits as American Bedding — such as our unrivaled durability and affordability. Let's discuss a bit more of what makes our mattresses special (and will make all your residents feel that way, too).



When you shop shelter mattresses from American Bedding, you're getting not only our commitment to provide you with what your facility needs, but the commitment of our products as well. Our mattresses stand apart from the rest for a few key reasons, two of which are the fact that they're waterproof and they're 100% recyclable. 

Furthermore, you can feel good about buying shelter mattresses from American Bedding in that their supportive foam core is a long-lasting as it is comfortable. That means it won't break down and it won't get a body print

Can withstand frequent sanitation

With the challenges shelters face today, frequent sanitation is more important than ever.  American Bedding’s mattresses are up to the challenge, providing durability in the face of frequent sanitation. Refer to our handy guide for keeping your mattresses clean and know that they can withstand being cleaned over and over again (and over, and over, and over).


Let's talk a bit more about the waterproof feature. Mattresses — no matter where they are — are subject to all kinds of treatment that can not only weaken them but make them less safe and comfortable. Waterproof capabilities allow your mattresses to be safe from body fluids, mildew, mold, spills, cleaning supplies, or damp storage areas. Both our PolySof OX-P and our AntiBAC Vinyl are waterproof, wipeable, and stain-resistant. We also discuss their hygiene benefits below. 

100% recyclable

There should be no debate that the earth deserves better, and clogging up landfills with old mattresses is no way to accomplish this. While there may come a day when you'll have to part with your mattresses, you can rest assured that ours are 100% recyclable. When recycled, our mattresses are disassembled where each piece can continue to serve a specific purpose. Springs, coils, fibers, and foams can either be repurposed to make a new product or are burned as a fuel source.



We discussed that our mattresses are waterproof, wipeable, and stain-resistant. All of these factors make them easy to clean when and if messes do occur. However, our mattresses answer to an even higher level of hygiene — they're also bed bug proof and antibacterial! These factors not only keep mattresses fresh and safe to use season after season, but also keep your facility and your residents protected and healthier, too. 

Bed bug proof

It's true! Our mattresses are also bed bug proof. Through an intelligent, inverted seam design and a special enclosure, our mattresses keep bugs out and moving on their way. The outer materials we use — either PolySof or AntiBAC Vinyl — also create an impenetrable surface that prevents any burrowing. 


The antibacterial properties of our mattresses safeguard your residents' health with yet another layer of protection, so everyone can rest easy. You may be thinking that if our mattresses have all these great features, and are also antibacterial, they can't be very comfortable, right? Fortunately, our PolySof doesn't hold residual heat and does not have a plastic feel.



Now that you know a bit more about just how durable and hygienic our mattresses are, we have some more good news for you: Our mattresses are affordable, too! We have plenty of different sizes and styles available to meet your needs. And, if you find yourself needing new furniture to further accommodate your residents, we've got you covered there, too.

Be sure to check out our Complete Guide to Buying and Maintaining Camp and Institutional Furniture. And, when you're ready to talk more in-depth about your needs or receive a quote, contact us or click below!

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