The Manufacturing Process of a $99 Mattress

American Bedding's Manufacturing Facility-1While mattresses are considered to be standard necessities, the equipment used to manufacture them is rather specialized. In this article, we'd like to showcase the equipment we use to create our $99 Dorm Mattresses, Camp Mattresses, and Premium Camp Mattresses

As we discuss the various pieces of equipment and describe the roles they play, you'll quickly discover how everything works together to form an efficient and effective mattress manufacturing process.


Premium Vinyl MattressesObviously, our vinyl and nylon fabrics do not come perfectly sized for our mattresses. That's why cutting is an essential step in our process. We depend on a customized spec sheet to determine how we cut the fabric for a customized mattress order, and we use our quality cutter to do it.

You can see from the image, that this cutter is rather large and heavy duty. If you knew just how many feet of fabric this piece of equipment cuts on a daily basis, then you'd understand why! Because our customers buy in bulk, we have to make a lot of mattresses in a fairly short span of time. Durable machinery like this cutter make that possible.


Bed Bug Proof Mattress CoverThe machine we use to sew our mattresses is uniquely designed with Bed Bug Proof Technology (BBP) in mind. How does it work? The sewer pre-sews three inside edges of the mattress cover. Using the opening, the cover is reversed to create inverted seams, the key element of our Bed Bug Proof Technology.

You may be wondering about the fourth side of the mattress cover that was not sewn with an inverted seam. That part comes next...


Innerspring Dormitory MattressesOur $99 Dormitory Mattresses have an innerspring interior. The building process of the mattress interior mostly involves  assembling the mattress layers and securing them together.

Once the building process is complete, the pre-sewn cover slips over the mattress's interior layers, and a bed bug proof closure is added to the fourth side of the mattress that was previously left open.

Bagger and Shipper

_GER4395Now the mattress is finished! From here, we put the mattress in a bag so that it can be shipped to the customer.

More than mattresses

You now know how our mattresses are made and what we use to make them. To get a better look at our products themselves, we have a catalog. Click on the banner below to get yours!

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