Trending: Single Metal Beds for Rescue Missions, Homeless Shelters, and Transitional Housing Providers

Upward trend toward single metal bedsNow trending: Single metal beds are gaining increasing popularity among rescue missions, homeless shelters, and transitional housing facilities. There are several reasons for this trend, and we’ll elaborate on those reasons below, which include privacy, safety and security, versatility, and independence.


One of the most obvious benefits of having single metal beds is that they offer the option for privacy. When using single metal beds instead of bunk beds, facilities can set up rooms suited for one person instead of two or more. Depending on the type of facility, privacy can be a critical factor in the healing process and the transition toward self-sufficiency.

Safety and Security

Facilities that serve a lot of elderly individuals prefer to avoid bunk beds for safety reasons. Upper bunks present an unnecessary challenge for older clients, as well as safety risks.

In addition, Clover Martin from Ford Street Project said she prefers to keep clients in the same bed during their stay. Such consistency offers a level of security that clients may not have experienced in previous settings.

Ford Street Project is also located in an earthquake zone, which makes bunk beds more dangerous than single beds.

Michael Fee from Barnabas Home, Inc. stated that one of his favorite features about the single metal beds is the steel frame, which offers no place for bed bugs to make their home. Fee also likes the mattresses from American Bedding. Though they're certainly not made from steel, they are designed with inverted seams that make them bed bug proof as well.


Essentially, our single metal beds are bunk beds that have been demounted. The demountable bunk bed design allows facilities to have endless combinations of single and bunk bed arrangements within one facility. Shelters and missions can easily rearrange rooms to accommodate their ever-shifting demographic of clients.

Such versatility is necessary for facilities like The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Brooklyn, NY, a shelter that is glad they have the ability to reconfigure their rooms.

Another Salvation Army location in Miami has 83 beds and arranges them to accommodate any range of guests — from single females to multi-generational families.

These are just a few examples of how flexible furniture options set facilities up for success, ensuring healthier lifestyles for the families and communities they serve.


Giving clients their own room not only provides them with privacy but also paves the way for independence and self-sufficiency. By using single beds, shelters can set up their long-term facilities as individual rooms or apartments. These types of setups can serve as major stepping stones that help clients smoothly transition from the streets or instability toward a typical, self-sustained lifestyle.

Exactly what you need

The team at American Bedding Manufacturers understands your market. We get that your beds play a major role in how your clients respond to your facility. That's why we offer beds that allow for privacy, safety, security, and versatility while encouraging independence.

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