Things to Know About Shipping and Receiving Metal Bunks

Delivery TruckIf you've ordered metal bunk beds from American Bedding before, then you know that our beds are so durable that re-ordering is not something you do very often.

One of our goals at American Bedding is to make the shipping and receiving process as satisfactory as the product itself. In order for that to be the case, though, it's important to have a general idea of how the process works. Here are some helpful tips about shipping and receiving metal bunks: 

Timing is the easy part

Unlike our mattresses, the metal bunk beds from American Bedding are not made to order. That means that unless they're out of stock, metal bunks will typically ship within 3 business days. However, the larger your order is, the more important it is to plan ahead and allow ample time for shipping.

Inspect your shipment upon arrival

When your shipment of metal bunk beds arrives at your facility, you may be tempted to just sign off on the delivery without bothering to inspect it. However, it's important to carefully check freight shipments for damages as well as to confirm that all of the items you ordered were delivered.

Orders sometimes arrive in separate shipments if all of the items you ordered are not immediately available when you place your order. If that ever happens, rest assured, you’ll get plenty of advance notice and communication from your sales consultant along the way. If you do not want to receive multiple shipments of metal bunks, inform us when you place your order that you'd like the order to ship complete — no partial shipments. Keep in mind, though, that if any part of your order is backordered, that backordered item will delay your entire order.

Know the policies

Because accidents can and do happen, it's important that overnight facilities and organizations understand their vendor's damaged freight policy for LTL and truckload shipments. By understanding the policy, you will know how to respond if you do happen to receive damaged freight. You and your sales consultant will be able to work together to resolve the problem more efficiently because you will both be on the same page and have realistic expectations.

See American Bedding's Damaged Freight Policy

Schedule an installation crew

If you're ordering metal bunk beds, the work isn't finished at the time of delivery. There's a lot of work that goes into unloading and assembling them. Because there are a lot of benefits to hiring an installation crew to handle the heavy lifting, we highly recommend it. Just make sure that if and when you do pay for professional furniture installation, you know how to effectively communicate with the installation team to avoid mistakes or misunderstandings.

Where there are questions, there are answers

Don't be afraid to contact American Bedding with your questions at any point during the ordering process, the shipping phase, or even before you place an order and you're still window shopping. Our sales team is eager to put answers to all of your questions. Click on the banner below to reach out today!

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