Why Cots Are Better Than Air Mattresses

Would you rather sleep on a cot or an air mattress? Both work well as temporary sleeping arrangements, but is it possible that one is better than the other?

We think so! Find out what makes cots better than air mattresses for your homeless shelter, government housing facility, scout camp, or ...

I Need Metal Beds. What Are My Options?

You’ve done the research. You’ve weighed your facility’s needs and itemized your lists and your decision is clear — you need metal beds. That’s a great first step in narrowing down your needs. After all, you’ve already made the tough call between wood vs metal and come up with a winner.

Should I Get Wood or Metal Bunk Beds for My Camp?

If you're the director of a camp or any other kind of overnight housing facility, chances are you'll be purchasing furniture and bunk beds at some point.

When that time comes, you'll need to make a decision between metal and wood. In order to make an educated buying decision, it's worth taking a...

What Our Military Mattresses and Metal Bunks Have in Common with the Soldiers Who Use Them

As a manufacturer that makes military mattresses and bedding according to the GSA schedule, American Bedding Manufacturers is proud to provide cot mattresses, mattress covers, and metal bunk beds to military housing facilities. 

Ironically, when it comes to military mattresses and metal bunks we...

How to Attach a Ladder to Your Metal Bunk Bed

Did you buy ladders for you metal bunks only to procrastinate on actually attaching them to your bunk beds? The good news is, tackling this little project is much easier than you may think. Here's a short video that demonstrates how...

4 Misconceptions About Metal Bunks

Have you ever bought something and then realized that what you thought you knew about that product wasn't actually true? 

We don't want that to be the case with our metal bunk beds. That's why we're sharing some misconceptions that previous customers have had about our metal beds. Keep reading...

Things to Know About Shipping and Receiving Metal Bunks

If you've ordered metal bunk beds from American Bedding before, then you know that our beds are so durable that re-ordering is not something you do very often.

One of our goals at American Bedding is to make the shipping and receiving process as satisfactory as the product itself. In order for...

Metal Bunk Beds: Platinum vs. the Model 4500

We've talked about metal bunk beds versus wood bunks, but now it's time to dive a little deeper into the bunk bed comparison. If you've decided that metal bunks are right for your overnight facility, then your next step is deciding which type of metal bunk bed you want to order. 

Will you choose...

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Metal Bunk Beds

If you're considering metal bunk beds for your homeless shelter, rescue mission or other overnight facility, then you probably have some questions. Most people do.

Keep reading to see some of the most common questions our customers ask us about metal bunks and find out if we answer one or all of...

Spring Base vs. Solid Panel Bunks: Which Is Right for You?

Since the release of the Solid Panel Metal Bunk Bed, directors of camps, rescue missions and homeless shelters have a big decision to made in regards to a metal bunk bed purchase

They're no longer just deciding between wood and metal bunks; if they've chosen a metal bunk bed, the decision now...

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