6 Advantages of a Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk

For facilities that host families, the Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk from the Platinum Collection is a great solution. What types of operations would this apply to? Our Twin/Full Bunks are popular with directors of rescue missions and homeless shelters. These places frequently welcome both children...

Don't Buy Camp Mattresses Without Telling Your Seller These 4 Things

There's an art to shopping for camp mattresses — a method to the madness, if you will. As a buyer, there are specific things you should look for in a camp mattress, and on the flip side, there are also things your mattress seller and manufacturer should be looking for as well. 

A good mattress...

Mapping Out a Smart Mattress Purchasing Timeline

There's a reason the phrase "Shop 'til you drop" became a popular one. It's because shopping can quickly become a very long, exhausting process.

I Need Camp Mattresses: Where Do I Start?

One thing is for sure: You need new camp mattresses before the summer camp season begins.

But where do you start? This daunting task of buying mattresses to fill your camp bunk beds isn't as difficult as you may think. To prove it, we'll break it down in steps.

What Should You Be Looking for in Hospitality and Healthcare Pillows?

What characterizes a good hospitality pillow? Is it fluffy or firm? Lightweight or heavy?

While these are the first things you might notice about a pillow in your hospital or hotel room, there are several other, more specific things you should notice if you're in the market to actually buy hotel...

Features to Look for in Folding Cots

While folding cots may not be known for their plush comfort, they certainly have their strengths. Cots are much easier to transport, set up, tear down, and store than are metal bunk beds and mattresses.

Of course, when shopping for a product that's portable and lightweight, you must be careful...

Choosing the Best in Metal Bunk Beds

If space is limited, just get bunk beds. Easy as that, right?

If only...

In case you haven't noticed, bunk beds are not a one-size-fits-all type of bed. The great invention of stacking one bed on top of another to conserve space may have started simply, but now, you're faced with an overwhelming...

5 Reasons to Never Get Your Camp Mattresses Used

We get it. Camp budgets are tight, and you'd rather put this year's funds toward a new climbing wall or the latest paintball guns -- not camp mattresses. But you know your vinyl mattresses are on their last leg and have been for awhile.

Then you find out that a camp in Tennessee is giving away...

What to Look for in a Mattress Vendor

A product is only as good as its manufacturer, and your buying experience is only as good as your vendor.

That's why it matters who you choose to buy your mattresses and bedding from.

5 Fibs to Help You Spot a Dishonest Mattress Salesman

Some salesmen care about what they're selling; others just care about the sale.

It's the latter that you need to worry about when you're buying mattresses and bedding for your camp, college, or rescue mission. Some people will tell you anything if it convinces you to buy.

We know for a fact that...

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