Celebrating 25 Years of American Bedding Manufacturers


What It's Like to Buy from American Bedding

As a mattress manufacturer and vendor, we know that our customers put a lot of thought into the bedding and furniture that they buy for their camps, rescue missions, college dorms, and housing facilities.

You are running an important business, one that is built on providing a welcoming, residential...

Our Mattress Masterminds: Hali Reynolds

Hali Reynolds was practically raised by the American Bedding family, and since her first day as an employee in 2015, she has never imagined working anywhere else.

Hali's commitment to her family's company is obvious. Find out for yourself!

Our Mattress Masterminds: Meet Michael Hodsden

Life often takes us in unexpected directions. Michael Hodsden could never have anticipated ending up at American Bedding — and certainly not for as long as he's been with us! But we're so grateful that he's in the seat he has today because Michael is truly a Mattress Mastermind!

Our Mattress Masterminds: Meet Joy Muir

Joy Muir's coworkers describe her as someone who is constantly helping other people — more so than anyone they've ever met.

In her position as shipping manager, Joy truly cares for the needs of others, particularly the customers of American Bedding. We are so grateful to have her on the team and to...

Our Mattress Masterminds: Meet Cliff Boggs

Born with a gift for teaching, Cliff Boggs is a natural part of the sales team at American Bedding. His passion for education is also what makes him another one of our company's Mattress Masterminds.

Here's a closer look at Cliff's life and work — and the reasons why he does it all.

Our Mattress Masterminds: Meet Jan Reynolds

If American Bedding had a mother, it would be Jan Reynolds. Not only does Jan work hard to "keep the lights on" as her daughter Hali likes to say, but she's been a steady, incremental part of the team since the very beginning.

If she's not filing papers in the Accounts Payable department, Jan is...

Our Mattress Masterminds: Meet Tim Will

It's no surprise that one of our Mattress Masterminds works on our Sales Team. Tim Will has had his hand in a lot of projects, deals, and departments during his 15+ years at American Bedding.

Get to know him in his own words...

Our Mattress Masterminds: Meet Delbert Taylor

A company is only as great as its people, and this month's Mattress Mastermind is one of American Bedding's best. 

Delbert Taylor has been an essential part of the American Bedding family for 15+ years, and it's obvious from his words in the following paragraphs that he values the business as much...

Our Mattress Masterminds: Meet Dale

As Secretary, Treasurer and 50% stockholder for American Bedding Manufacturers, Dale Reynolds has a lot of insight into this family-owned business. 

Here's Dale's personal take on his role and experiences at the company

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