Metal Beds and More to Prepare Your Homeless Shelter for the Holidays

The holidays are practically upon us, and that means homeless shelters and transitional housing facilities will fill up even quicker. So what can you do to be prepared for the predictable spike in guests? We have a few ideas to make sure you know how to make the holidays a time of comfort and...

5 Reasons to Never Get Your Camp Mattresses Used

We get it. Camp budgets are tight, and you'd rather put this year's funds toward a new climbing wall or the latest paintball guns -- not camp mattresses. But you know your vinyl mattresses are on their last leg and have been for awhile.

Then you find out that a camp in Tennessee is giving away...

3 Things That Should Influence How You Set Up Homeless Shelter Beds and Furniture

Is there a right or wrong way to set up your homeless shelter's beds and other furniture? Does it really matter, or is it based on preference?

Even though you want to provide accommodations for as many people as possible, we believe room arrangements should be influenced by standards of...

Disaster Relief: How to Provide Overflow Housing

When disasters like Hurricane Harvey cripple a city, one of the most important things an organization can do is provide safe, comfortable overflow housing and bedding for those affected by the devastation.

It's times like these that shelters and evacuation centers find themselves bursting at the...

The Liability of Using Non-Compliant Mattresses and Bedding

While different organizations in different states are held to different standards of compliance, one thing stays consistent: Organizations are liable for the bedding and mattresses they provide to their clients.

If mattresses and bedding items are not compliant, then that organization is at...

3 Fundraising Tips for Your Non-profit Organization

If, when someone mentions fundraising for a non-profit, the first thing that comes to mind is a bunch of kids frantically waving car wash signs on the side of the road, then your idea of fundraising may be a bit limited. 

There's a lot more to fundraising than scheduling a weekend car wash.


How to Get Your Shelter's Grant App to Top the Stack

Maybe if money grew on trees, you wouldn't need grants to buy homeless shelter beds or rescue mission mattresses.

But money does not grow on trees, which means grant money is necessary to keep your shelter going.

However, if you're not sure how to go about getting rescue mission grant funds,...

How to Inspect a Freight Shipment for Damages

Your mattress shipment has arrived! The delivery truck pulls up to your warehouse, and your team unloads the bags of mattresses, covers, bunk beds and furniture from your manufacturer. Now you're ready to sign off on the freight shipment and move on with your day.

But wait. Don't get ahead of...

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