5 of Our Best Tips for Maintaining Your Camp Mattresses this Summer

Meeting Safety Standards for Mattress Flammability: What Does the 16CFR Really Mean?

Camp Furniture: Stock Up for Summer Now

It may seem too soon, but preparing for the summer months begins now, during the springtime! Setting your summer camp up for success starts sooner rather than later. At American Bedding we want to help you prepare for the camp season efficiently, easily, and as early as possible. 

To reduce stress...

3 Things To Look For In Shelter Furniture To Create A Sense Of Home

When it comes to furnishing a shelter, there are many things to consider from furniture design to durability. Most importantly though, you want to create a sense of a home for the people who come in and out of your facility. 

Signs It's Time to Replace Your College Dorm Mattresses

Indecisive residence hall managers and concerned college staff, unite! If you can't remember the last time you evaluated the mattresses at your dorms, it’s a great thing you’re here. There are some telltale signs it’s time to replace your college dorm mattresses, some of which you may not be aware...

Why It’s Important to Recycle Your Old Shelter Mattress

No matter how well you care for mattresses and industrial furniture at your facility, there will come a day when you’ll have to part with some of it. Regular wear-and-tear, even with durable, high-quality mattresses, is inevitable. There are a number of important reasons to recycle — not throw away...

8 Reasons You Should Use American Bedding Mattresses for Your Mission or Shelter

Buying your shelter mattresses from just anywhere won't guarantee you the same benefits as American Bedding. Bring comfort, safety, and durability to your mission or shelter by using American Bedding mattresses and furniture. Not only can you create a safe and comfortable place for your residents...

What to Look for in Mattresses and Bedding for Your Camp

Are you preparing for your next influx of campers? Don’t let your camp mattresses and bedding be an afterthought. Get started early and know exactly what you are looking for before you purchase new mattresses.

But how do you know what you're looking for?

Are you just supposed to hunt down the old...

3 Mattress Features To Keep Your Summer Campers Safe & Healthy

When camp time comes around, kids are so excited to get into the great outdoors and experience adventure. Children are usually preoccupied with worries about whether their cabin-mates will like them or if their counselor will be the coolest. The thought of their health and safety usually isn’t...

Choosing Between Vinyl and Nylon Mattresses

Whoever said "It's what's on the inside that really matters" clearly was not talking about mattresses.

When it comes to mattresses, of course the inside matters — but the outside does, too! Different mattresses have various materials that serve unique purposes.

For example, vinyl and nylon both...

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