We Go Together: An Institutional Foam Mattress and Its Density

Things that go togetherFoam mattresses and mattress density go together like... waffles and syrup, sports cars and speeding tickets, Thanksgiving and football, Mary-Kate and Ashley! The point is, the two complete each other (well, maybe with the exception of speeding tickets).

However, while institutional foam mattresses are an easily understood product (a mattress that's made out of foam is a fairly simple concept), mattress density is like the misunderstood twin (Mary-Kate?). The most common misunderstanding about density has to do with its relationship to hardness versus softness. People often assume that more dense mattresses are harder, and less dense mattresses are softer, but that's not necessarily the case.

Don't believe us? Try our 1800 series foam mattress. It's our most dense mattress, yet many of our customers find it to be the softest and most comfortable. 

So if the density of a foam mattress is unrelated to softness or hardness, then what does it impact? Glad you asked! There are two specific features that mattress density influences.


The more dense a mattress is, the more durable it is. Boyd Reynolds, President at American Bedding Manufacturers, describes mattress density and durability this way:

“Polyurethane molecules are the building blocks of our foam cores. When building a house, the closer the floor joists are to one another, the sturdier the house. Similarly, the closer the polyurethane molecules are to one another, the stronger the foam is against tears, body impressions, or bottoming out.”


The higher a mattress's density is the longer it will last. A longer lifespan is partially due to the durability factor we just discussed. (Obviously, if a foam camp mattress is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of camp life, then it's going to last longer.)

But a camp mattress's lifespan is especially important to note during the buying process because as mattress density goes up, so does pricing. However, when a camp director realizes that a denser, more expensive foam camp mattress will last longer, the higher price tag may be worthwhile.

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