What Mattress Dimensions Are Available?

Measuring tapePart of ordering a customized mattress is choosing the size. Before you decide on a twin, full, or queen-size mattress, it's important to realize that standard mattress sizes are not necessarily consistent. Mattress dimensions vary from country to country and company to company.

The important thing is that you know the mattress dimensions you want and need for your camp, rescue mission, college dorm, or other housing facility. Then, match up those dimensions with the standard measurements of the company you're ordering mattresses from. 

For those who have made American Bedding their mattress manufacturer of choice, let's look at the dimensions you should be going by.

Cots, Camp Mattresses and Innerspring Mattresses

Not really a mattress at all, the cot is our smallest bedding option at 30"x74". Cots are an excellent option for those in need of temporary or portable bedding. One of the main benefits of a cot over an air mattress is that it gets your guests off the floor. Cots are also highly efficient, functioning as both a mattress and bed frame in one.

What many buyers do not realize is that our camp mattresses and innerspring mattresses are also available in the 30"x74" mattress size.

Dorm Mattresses

Dorm mattresses are used by a variety of body types, ranging from the barely 5-foot-tall college freshman to the nearly 7-foot-tall basketball player. That's why they're available in three different lengths.

Dorm Mattress Dimensions:

  • Dorm Mattress: 36"x74"
  • Dorm XL: 36"x80"
  • Dorm XXL: 36"x84"

Twin Mattresses

Like dorm mattresses, twin mattresses from American Bedding Manufacturers are available in three different lengths — the same length varieties as dorm mattresses, but twin mattresses are two inches wider.

Twin Mattress Dimensions:

  • Twin Mattress: 38"x74"
  • Twin XL: 38"x80"
  • Twin XXL: 38"x84"

Full Mattresses

For those who want wider beds but don't necessarily need the extra length, full mattresses are a great way to go.

Full Mattress Dimensions:

  • Full Mattress: 54"x74"
  • Full XL: 54"x80"

Queen Mattresses

The queen-size mattress from American Bedding is just as long as the XL mattresses but much wider. At 60"x80", queen mattresses easily sleep two adults.

Need a visual?

Download our mattress dimensions infographic! It shows at a glance how our different mattresses sizes compare so you can choose the perfect fit for your camp, college dorm, rescue mission, homeless shelter, or government housing facility.

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