What to Do with Old Mattresses After You Break Up with Them

Breaking UpYou've had a good run, but now it's time to let go, move on, and clean up the pieces.

Breaking up with your camp or institutional mattresses doesn't have to break your heart or your back. If you handle the situation correctly, getting rid of your old camp mattresses will only make your camp better!

That's where we come in. Keep reading to learn some practical tips and instructions for mattress breakups.

Love the earth

We know you loved those mattresses at your camp, dorm or transitional housing facility, but now it's time to love the earth and recycle them. All of the vinyl and nylon mattresses from American Bedding are 100% recyclable, so you can dispose of them efficiently.

If you're not prepared to recycle your mattresses on your own, call in an installation company to haul them away for you.

Finding the one

Recycling one mattress is very different from recycling 50. If you have 50+ mattresses to get rid of, you need to find the right vehicle to transport them efficiently. Contact a hauling company to come pick up your mattresses and take them to be recycled so you don't have to take ten trips in your camp's pickup truck.

Have you tried looking online?

There are hundreds of recycling facilities in North America. Go online to find one near you. 

Some recycling facilities may not accept items in bulk such as a collection of camp mattresses. If that's the case for your local recycling center, consider recycling the mattresses on your own. How? Simply break the mattress down into components that your recycling center will accept. The center may even compensate you for pieces like metal coils or springs!

Nobody wants your leftovers

While some organizations may think they want your leftovers, they really don't. Repurposing mattresses is okay, but reusing them is not. By accepting used mattresses, camps, homeless shelters and other non-profits risk inviting bed bugs into their facilities and exposing their guests to other secondhand germs.

The environment deserves better

Recycling is important because landfills are not bottomless, and recycling mattresses is especially important because large mattresses quickly clog landfills.

What happens when a landfill fills up? A new landfill is created. New landfills replace natural habitats, pushing out animals and overtaking plant life to make room for trash.

Your mattress has more to offer

When recycled, mattresses are taken apart and each piece serves a specific purpose. From springs and coils to fibers and foams, each material can either be repurposed to make a new product or burned as a fuel source. Either way, nothing is wasted or tossed into a landfill.

Additionally, many recycling centers advance humanitarian pursuits by creating jobs for those in underserved communities, individuals with disabilities, and rehabilitated felons.

Back in the game

Once you've broken up with your mattresses and recycled them, you're ready to  put yourself out there and find some new mattresses for your camp, homeless shelter or college dorm. Click on the banner below to request a catalog and explore your options. For specific questions, give us a call at (800) 203-2507 or contact us online!

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