Why It’s Important to Recycle Your Old Shelter Mattress

Why It’s Important to Recycle Your Old Shelter Mattress

No matter how well you care for mattresses and industrial furniture at your facility, there will come a day when you’ll have to part with some of it. Regular wear-and-tear, even with durable, high-quality mattresses, is inevitable. There are a number of important reasons to recycle — not throw away — your old shelter mattress that we’ll discuss in this post.

It helps the environment

You likely know that recycling can really help the environment. Now that you know mattresses can be effectively recycled, perhaps this is the only reason you need — we get it. But what if you think your mattresses aren’t recyclable for some reason?

When we say recycle, we really mean recycle. This doesn’t mean pawning your old mattresses off on another facility or just leaving them out in the street. “Reusing” old mattresses in this way can spread germs and nasty bed bugs all over the place.

If you’re uncertain about how to recycle your old shelter mattress, call some experts at an installation company to haul them away. You may also have to consider hiring a larger vehicle to haul them, too. Wondering where the closest recycling facility is? There are hundreds of recycling facilities in North America, find one near you.

Even if your mattresses aren’t 100% green and recyclable, like the options from American Bedding, you can still save a landfill from a considerable amount of waste. If your local recycling center doesn’t accept bulk items and it’s not worth it to haul them to another one, you can break down the mattresses yourself into items that your facility can recycle. This includes metal coils and springs — which can even make you some cash!

It helps other industries

Naturally, when you help the environment by recycling, you help other industries, too. Recycled content is important to many manufacturers. Your old mattresses can very well become new mattresses someday!

Not to mention, the less content that’s sent to landfills, the better. There won’t be a need to build a new landfill and infringe upon natural land. Or, on the other hand, take up valuable real estate that can be used for a more positive venture.

As if you needed another reason to not send mattresses to the landfill, calling up a recycling company will not only support their efforts but also save you money. Mattresses in landfills take up a ton of space, and don’t compact or decompose easily. All in all, mattresses are more difficult to deal with as garbage than they are as future recycled content. And, trust us, you’ll pay accordingly for this difficulty.

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