Why Membership with Partner Organizations Matters for Your Camp

Camp PartnershipIt takes a village, they say. And it's true! 

Sure, your camp may be doing just fine on its own, but it could do so much better as a member of a partner organization like the American Camp Association (ACA).

If you've been in the camp world for any period of time, you've probably heard of the ACA, an organization that's dedicated to "enriching lives and changing the world." That's what the ACA believes camps are for, and that's what it helps them do.

Find out why your camp could benefit from a membership with the ACA.

Established credibility

There's no getting around it—the ACA is more widely recognized and and respected than your camp is. Don't be offended by that; this isn't a competition. The ACA is on your team, which is why it's actually great for your camp that they're so reputable!

As a credible organization, the ACA passes that credibility onto its partners. If your camp partners with the ACA, you gain instant credibility. Now it's up to you to maintain it!

Proven dedication

Most good things don't come without some effort. While joining the ACA isn't necessarily difficult, it does require a certain amount of dedication to the process. This dedication goes a long way in the eyes of your campers, their parents, and potential donors.

By taking the time to partner with a respected camp organization like the ACA, it's clear that your camp is dedicated to the same values, including growth and education, people and relationships, and stewardship of the environment.

Knowledge of safety standards

Both on the federal and local level, the ACA keeps its camp partners informed about the latest safety standards. Topics like guard rail requirements are discussed with timeliness and accuracy, providing camp directors like yourself with the information you need long before it becomes a liability issue.

Professional development

One of the ACA's core values is contribution, and they do a phenomenal job of displaying that to their camp partners. From support groups to conferences, the ACA creates different venues where camp directors can interact and learn from other like-minded individuals in their industry.

Those who don't have the time or budget to attend events, can participate in webinars and access other learning resources. Ultimately, the ACA works to create opportunities for learning and growth by encouraging camp directors to periodically step out of their own camp bubbles for a bit.

Quality business partnerships

As a member of ACA and other accreditation organizations, you will gain access to a list of qualified, credible vendors ready to help you keep your camp running smoothly. Whether you are looking for fun new activities for your camp, training and staffing solutions, or even quality mattresses and furniture, ACA’s business directory is filled with vendors who have proven their quality and credibility to the organization through the vendor vetting process. 

Although it’s hard to believe, American Bedding has partnered proudly with ACA for almost 20 years. Time flies!

The best you can be

Why do we care if your camp partners with organizations like the ACA? Because we want you to be the best you can be! (Sorry if that came out cheesy, but really!) From your camp bunk beds and mattresses to your partnerships with member organizations, everything about your camp should center on growth and value. Memberships are one great place to start; bedding is another. Give us a call if now if you'd like to chat about your camp bed options, or start shopping.

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