Why Your Camp Can Benefit from Demountable Bunks

Summer campersWe've already discussed whether your camp should purchase wooden bunk beds or metal bunk beds, and we provided plenty of pros and cons for both options. But what we have not discussed is the value of using demountable bunk beds at your camp.

Many people associate bunk beds with camp, so the thought of demounting a bunk bed in a camp cabin seems strange. However, we see a lot of benefits in having the option to demount your bunk beds. Let's explore some of them.

No more fighting over the top bunk

For some reason campers always seem to want the top bunk. After all, the "cool kids" sleep on the top bunk. But when only half of your beds are top bunks, that means the other half of them are bottom bunks, which means not everyone can have a top bunk. 

If you're concerned that battles over the top bunk will be an issue at your camp, then eliminate the option. No, this doesn't necessarily mean you have to throw out your camp bunk beds and purchase new single metal beds. If you have demountable bunk beds in your cabins, all that's required is a bit of lifting and rearranging.

Better for various ages

If you run summer or winter camps for adults, you know that most adults are not standing in line for the top bunk. Instead of waiting for fights to break out over the bottom bunk, go ahead and get demountable bunk beds so you can make every bunk a bottom bunk and keep all of your adult campers happy. With a little reconfiguration, you can easily cater to your adult campers. 

Fewer accidents

Many accidents occur when campers are climbing up and down bunk bed ladders in the dark. Younger campers are more likely to need bathroom breaks in the middle of the night -- and probably more likely to also trip on a rung and fall. On the other hand, the thought of descending a ladder in the dark may be enough to keep a camper in bed and thus result in a soiled sleeping bag. Both of these problems could be easily avoided by giving campers individual beds.

No worries about what's above

Every bottom bunker's worst fear is having a sick sleeper above them. Few things could be worse than waking up to someone above you getting sick on your mattress. This unfortunate event is no longer a concern when the top bunk is eliminated. Individual beds may help your campers sleep more soundly knowing that they don't have to worry about the person above them. 

Reassembly is still an option

Perhaps the best part of having demountable bunks is knowing that if you later decide the individual bed option isn't working for you, then you can easily turn them back into bunks by mounting the top bunk above the bottom. Camp life is all about adaptability, and we think your camp beds should reflect that.

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