You Get What You Pay For: Mattress Qualities That Justify the Price

Mattress PricingMoney doesn't grow on trees. That's why most of us save it wherever and whenever we can.

But if saving money on business purchases is always your first priority, you may be making a costly mistake for your camp, college or rescue mission.

Oftentimes, lower pricing means lower quality—especially in the mattress industry. But if you're willing to pay for so-called "quality," we think you should know exactly what you're getting. Let's talk about the characteristics of our mattresses that make them worth the investment.


The higher a mattress' foam density is, the stronger and more supportive it will be. Mattress densities can vary from 3 lb. foam to 1/8 lb. foam, and you will feel a major difference between different levels of density—and so will the college students or campers sleeping on them!

At American Bedding, we recommend buying a minimum of 1.5 lb. foam. If you choose a lower density, the price will go down, but so will the level of support and, in most cases, the lifespan of the mattress.

If you're shopping for a dense mattress, do not assume that just because a mattress is heavy or hard that it means it's dense. Look at the specs to be sure you know what you're paying for.


When you buy a new mattress from American Bedding, that's exactly what you're getting—a new mattress. If you're the director of a camp or rescue mission, you may be offered secondhand mattresses from time to time. Offers like those will save you a lot of money upfront, but let's think about this ... How old are these mattresses? Where have they been? What's living in them?

Besides the fact that using a secondhand mattress is pretty gross, it's also risky. Here's why: If you don't know your mattresses' specs, you can't prove that they're compliant with federal guidelines. And if they're not compliant, then you're liable should something go wrong. 

On the flip side, if you know your camp mattresses don't meet federal regulations, but you still use them and something happens, then you're liable. 

Consider this: There's a fire in a cabin at your summer camp one night, and a camper is injured. You can't verify that your mattresses comply with federal flammability standards because they were donated secondhand, and you really know nothing about their origins. Now the child's parents are suing the camp, and you have no case.

Or, what if you bring in a bunch of mattresses that are infested with bed bugs and you don't realize it until it's too late? This situation could also end in a lawsuit, and at that point, it will hardly seem worthwhile to have saved a little money when you accepted the mattress donation.

So, don't risk it. Liability is not something you want to gamble with.


"They just don't make things like they used to."

If you've heard anyone say that, we can pretty much guarantee they were not referring to the mattresses at American Bedding. Why? Because quality is our standard, and that translates to durable products for your college dorm, camp, or rescue mission.

If quality materials cost a few more bucks, we're still going to use them. And while that may mean the end product isn't the cheapest option on the market, it does mean it's the most durable.

But don't take our word for it. Ask to see the specs. We have nothing to hide. You can contact us at (800) 203-2507. We'd love to send you a quote and tell you more about our mattresses, bedding and furniture!

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